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Vigoss, Artstyle, Merlini, Chisbug have all tried playing at the top level in the past years and failed miserably. Just as a really great movie can make average kills seem better so poor decisions in other areas of a movie can bring down otherwise good kills. Also NV is probably the most skill reliant team in the game right now? This message was created by a bot [Contact creator] [Source code]. For me it sounds like that youre feeling like an old football player which is quite sad because he dont run so fast like his younger colleagues. And Edward’s 5 usp hs. Please let me know as soon as you guys have children of your own, how many fucks you’re going to give about unsolicited upbringing advice from randoms on the internet.

Thorin Thooorin on twitter. All your top players pretty much retired. Zonic was part of the group who berated cs go and wouldn’t accept change. Yeah not just markeloff though. Pubmasters was tricks and goofing around, not an allstar lineup, they did things like 3 man running stacks down mid on dust2, crazy boosts etc, but they were never a top level NA team, maybe cal-m cal-p at absolute best. Brazil’s scene was seriously hurt as their pro team played both games and did neither at the level they played 1. Some of these kills are decent but having seen them all in other movies and displayed in a much more pleasing fashion means any enjoyment of these kills is largely gone by now.

GO stream and I didn’t care at all about skins. Hey maybe you or someone can help me. The deagle in source was like the pre nerf CZ for awpers, it was ridiculously good for when you missed. It was on an eco after all.


Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Not this week, month, year or decade!

The amount of recoil scripting on the rifles was insane too. All your top players pretty much retired. No, Harlem Globetrotters is correct.

It was the most hilarous strat I’ve ever seen. I love the growth and all, but these skins Wtf I assume you’re like Gold 2. USA’s scene was fucking decimated. I regret not celebrating enough when we were winning tournaments afterwards.

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Mind you, the Source engine seemed mindblowing in ‘ Welcome to a world where people do this more for the fans and money than the love of the game.

You reap what you sow. Get the feel of the maps etc. UK had 2, and that made our entire scene switch too. Whatever the future holds, I think it will still be a very long time until we have an equal amount of internationally-competitive NA teams as EU teams. Oh well, that’s what happens when you quit and give up too early without sticking something through.

It was a really fun way to fuck around with friends and see how much you could break Source.


Thats because the non-legends just dont get mentioned or upvoted enough for you to see. Chances are your kid wont go pro. I’ve been playing cs since before the 1.

S, never really was played by any of us.


That wasn’t a crucial round any more than Happy’s deagle was. Like we see in football managing all the tactics. FPS died in asia and there wasn’t much moviie left in the NA scene. It looked too simple and hitboxes along with spraying was ridiculously huge and lenient. In any case, I also think that this lack of interest in Source is a part of the reason why NA is just now catching up to the rest of the world in CSGO; we had so many competitive teams back in 1. Then swapped to LoL because friends pressured me into it!

It was SO cool to have that kind of freedom in a videogame, where physics felt accurate and movi posing felt like the future. I will never understand the desire for skins in this game. There is no way CS: Znic wow I’m 16 all over again. Richard Lewis Public Figure. It looked like console gaming was just going to take over.

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Build in MM and skins, not betting but just the use of skins. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

When you can do that in a video game it kind of makes you a legend.