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I got mine with a paper dating it to , and it seems pretty authentic.. I may be wrong but this watch, box and paper look similar to another member’s somewhat recent purchase that was deemed to be a knock off and not an “original” Zlat. I won’t halt if you don’t stop For sales: Never happened before with amazon. Take this from a ex Soviet Navy Diver which used to wear it!!! During the World War II the Red Army commanders were rewarded for their outstanding achievements with personalized watches made by Zlatoust watch factory. Their case is chromium plated brass, hand-assembled, each detail, even the smallest screws, is made in Russia. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

In the photo there is a watch with a body made of ship bronze, titanium, stainless steel. Assuming that you have the same movement in yours, that should be good. As far as I can see, mine is very old and original. Because when I turn 1 side of screw another side also move I used to have one when in the and perhaps it’s still somewhere in my mom’s place. Have you read this article which insinuates that its actually a Chinese copy?

Some many people have so many opinions on Russians watches. No character, no sex appeal. Hello, Thank you for the well thought out post on the Russian diver watches. March 22nd, 4. My genuine Zlatoust diver watch ChS Can you confirm that the case is steel and not plated? Have you read this article which insinuates that its actually a Chinese copy? The ones with either type of second hand I’ve heard were made in the ninties.


I got a 24 jewel back mounted Zlatoust from ebay. It also makes for a terrific desk watch, which is how I use it. Caliber Vostok A manual hand-winding, 17 jewels, 19, vibrations, shock protection, 42 hours power reserve. For high intensity of dispersion of gamma-rays the level of radioactivity at the distance of centimeters equals only microroentgen per hour and if the distance is over 1 meter the emission of radioactive elements equals natural.

My genuine Zlatoust diver watch ChS

Hello Ed butis it hard to loose it?? I still think that there was some intermediate step, between late original ones, and early abusive reissues. I have wound it all the way.

It is fully wound, but still might go slow after a while. Visit my affiliate directory to look at the ultimate list of affiliate networks.

The biggest fake out there is the Russian Zlatoust Vodolaz divers watch. At that time it was even produced with radioactive materials usage! Hobbies include collecting watches, repliica and studying local history.

Zlatoust Watches

Here is mine an earlier model, number out of made: Do you have one I can buy Ed? I have been rather discipline and has not bought any more watches after this Soviet Zlatoust, bought mainly for the history and for old time sake.


So I’m very skeptical now.

I’m eagerly waiting for it to arrive, March 22nd, 8. Im interested in purchasing this particular watch, but would prefer the non-civilian version.

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So far I am impressed with this watch. Relax, we are programmed to receive.


Search around on the watchuseek. Are waterproof replacement gaskets available for the Zlatoust diver watch? March 22nd, Help Forgot your password?

The same goes for the ones with subdials and second hands 9: Does anyone have an extra strap I could buy or know where I can go to fins a strap?

The author thinks that if feplica case of any problem for him, this trick can save him. I did purchase one myself, I knew it was a tourist watch but I liked it and alatoust a low price. The time now is It still weighs almost half a pound.