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I doubt Zarooon will be so magnanimous. Pakistan is a society of extremes. Sometimes people become very negative and caught up in just one fact then they actually miss out on the whole Big picture which leads to misunderstanding and misconception in discussion. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the discussion from last week.. Its ridiculous because in reality most families have two working parents.. But the point is communication.

I too was confused about the pregnancy. Junaid probably goes to work and just pays someone to do it all for him. Hilarious, yes, but also very sad. Even Rafia could not look at her directly, the eyeshadow was blinding her. Also maybe she is defensive about her boundaries because otherwise nobody would care in that house. These videos showed up on my FB timeline.. Nigar vs Rafia, I think we all were highly entertained by aunty blue-eye shadow as we fondly remember her now, but the fact that her scenes were eating up so much screen time was a huge irritant.

We were all swooning over previous episodes, I am afraid this was bound to happen. I think this blue eyeshadow was worn by SS after marriage when she wears the light blue jora — maybe she shared with aunty-ji? It hurt Ghazala not because she heard it for the first time, only because it came from Sara, her own daughter whom she thought was a exact copy of herself which she was very proud of.

Ash, you said it all. This episode disappointed me in terms of editing. I wanted to remind Zaroon Rule 1: Not cow-towing to the will of your man, just having enough respect to talk to him. Another blooper…in the promo scene where Kasaf is sitting in front of the doctor, the audio states Kasaf saying…Ma banna ek bahut badi Zimmedari hai…Kasaf is actually saying to the doctor…TWINS!


Sabeen — her eyeshadow was the exact color of her duputta. K does say zineagi she and Z are coming on the weekend to meet Sidra. Herd mentality this is. When is an appropriate time to spill the beans about past proposals?

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The timeline is skewed, but they are definitely within a few months of their marriage. I hope she learns from it. What was the point of that useless flashback. I forget the actual line in Urdu, but what a fantastic line it was!

You have summed it up so gulzaf. Its true Gazala were there with the family at the dinner time as we saw in many episodes but she was present to just praise herself only. Not pleased with story line. I thought Rafia was talking about Kashaf. I think Rafia is an example of a woman who has somehow balanced her home and episoce life — but credit is also due to her daughters who have helped her emotionally and financially.

However I am so disappointed in how he handled it. But I just think this epi was a cheesy way to show FK angry. The chauvinistic Zaroon was destined to spoil the show for all of us.


Like Kashaf, I too think baby Zaroon can sulk episodf to eternity. And like you said what kind of woman would give the advice Ghazala gives Sara regarding Farhan? One completely gulzae his back on his family.

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And who will be home to pay attention to me when I need her to. He says Indian but I feel it applies universally especially to desi women. Just as you and I are certain there are elite women who are great mothers, we epiode be equally sure there are middle-to-lower class mothers who are absolutely awful to their kids. Pakistan is a society of extremes. In contrast, in real life, those characteristics are not often recognized or rewarded.

Who would say that? Personally, I think Osama should have brought it up when he found out that Zaroon and Kashaf were engaged although, ideally, he should have kept his mouth shut completely!

These videos showed up on my FB timeline. Two things stood out for me. A personal value system, a sense of responsibility and caring for your fellow mankind, which both Zaroon and Kashaf embody in their own unique ways, is MUCH more important.