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It is stated that Arslan is currently in Washington while whereabouts of Uslu still remains unknown. The current Press Labor Law no. These provisions increase the chance of discretionary targeting. Those threatening Turkey’s security will receive their response. The justification for the punishment was broadcasting in three different programs promoting the candidates and activities of a single party. However, the pressure on printed, verbal and visual communication continued. Many press organizations suffered from accreditation prohibition prior to the assembly.

After harsh police intervention to the protests against the trees being cut down, the events escalated into anti-government demonstrations in a number of cities and abroad. This news story is simply a lie. Unfortunately there are individuals who fulfill the Sykes-Picot agreements either at the close geography or in Turkey by calling it ‘service’, ‘freedom of press’, battle of independence’ or ‘jihad’. The report included a map showing that the murders occurred mostly in the Southeastern Anatolian Region to Kurdish publications. In , when we were there, a missile hit our vicinity. We are ashamed to have witnessed the first example of this kind in Turkey.

Are you the protector of corrupt officials? The pressure on the judiciary became constant. With the ownership change of Show TV, TMSF, which was particularly active during the crises of andshowed that it could play a significant role in the turnover of media organizations.

Prosecutor Demir wrote at www. This means his power has limits.

The rights of opposition to the government and the expression of these rights through speech, writing, demonstrations fast marches or criticism through other means are democratic rights. The correspondents monitoring the opposition parties were also amongst those dismissed. Unfortunately, freedom of thought in Turkey is suffering.


TGC condemned the conduct. The release process developed as follows: How will we be judged by aincidi The police did not allow the press statement and the riot squad teams intervened to the group.

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We would like to share this information with our readers. No one may be compelled to belong to an cash article They probably irritated him when they were published in national newspaper s, so he filed a complaint against me.

They have punished those seeking their rights. You started to censor even before you have power.

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Ulusal Kanal cameraman Serkan Bayraktar was kicked by police while taping footage. All data appearing in the body of the report are referenced in the footnotes. Nine journalists targeted by the police were injured; T24 announced that its editor Deniz Zerin was taken into custody during the night as he was going to his office.

A court case was opened with the Istanbul 1 Court of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights against a website owner and administrator who had used AA articles without permission. This is the sincidi adopted by EU countries.

The fact that over journalists have lost their jobs in the past year due to downsizing of media fast and Anatolian offices that have shrunk, been combined or closed, has shown once more how crucial job security is for members of the press.

One of the audience members made a complaint to the White Desk thinking that the government was being ridiculed. I made a formal complaint.


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When the group did not disperse the police, responded to the group with pressurized water from the TOMA and fired plastic bullets. The regulation stipulates that Molotov cocktails can be considered as deadly weapons, masked protestors be sentenced; an increase of the sentences to be given to those participating in demonstrations with weapons and a sentence between 2.

The control upon visual, audio, printed and electronic media continued throughout the year. According to the data, Rekoam Commission pays a lot of attention to this issue during accession processes with candidate and aspirant countries.

The Project started on Jan. I realized that I made a mistake. Article 28 of the Constitution states: We can take these steps together.

They asked for protection money. Twitter and the like, we will end them all. The unrest began when the Taksim Gezi Park, allocated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on condition that all would benefit, was planned for development with the construction of a replica of the historical Artillery Barracks despite court orders.

Following this incident, police arrived at the school in order to evacuate it and responded to the group that included women and children with teargas and water cannons. No one is aware of these events; only the operations run by Israel are shown.