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Shobha gets worried when she notices Aarti and therefore picks up the phone receiver. He believes that Pratik had purposely avoided going to the airport. Shobha fears that Aarti would have rejected the proposal had Yash’s aunt taunted her, hadn’t she knew that they have told the Scindia family that Aarti was a widow and not a divorcee. Shobha believes Aarti was uncomfortable about the fact that Yash may claim his right as her husband. Vidhi gives credit to Pratik for convincing Yash. The guests find Aarti strict. Haar Jeet “Punar Vivah” series has become a trademark series for people. Pratik is left surprised when Aarti praises Yash for paying the full payment of the commodities, which Pankaj had purchased from them.

Punar Vivaah – Episode 13 – Full Episode. Gayatri is unaware about Aarti’s past. She also makes them understand that she would be their new mother. Meanwhile, Mansi arrives and overhears the conversation. Watch latest “Punarvivaah” Episodes on zeetv. Rang Rasiya TV Series She asks Satyendra to propose marriage to the prospective groom, Raghu Dayal suggested by a certain acquaintance Mr. Yash recollects the moments spend with Arpita.

Punar Vivah

Aarti, however, refuses to confront Yash for the sake of Ansh’s happiness. Arpita’s mother states that Aarti does not want her to perform her kanyadaan. While heading towards Yash and their children, Aarti is about to fall into an open manhole but Yash saves her.

Out of curiosity, Pratik enquires vivwh Yash about the girl. She pjnar that Aarti was supposed to take the position of her daughter and so she would be addressed her as Arpita in the future. Instead of pacifying Aarti, Mansi tells her that a relationship can only work if they was physical intimacy between the partners.

Amma gets furious when Pratik receives a call from his fianc e. Episodr morning, Mr Scindia informs his manager that Pratik had booked a luxurious resort for his and Yash’s weddings. Vidhi and Amma see Aarti, when she gets down from the train, along with Ansh at some station. Instead of pacifying Aarti, Mansi tries to instigate her against Yash.


She states that she was not comfortable with Yash. Yash, who is in his car, is also on the same road. Aarti and Yash are handcuffed on their way to the police station.

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Gayatri who is angry at her family for accepting Aarti’s condition to accept her son Ansh after marriage gets upset hearing about the progress in the alliance. Shobha asks Aarti to move on in life and forget Prashant. She also tries to make Aarti understand that Prashant would never return to her life. Pankaj stops the music when he sees Mansi, Aarti and Paridi.

Pratik, Vidhi and Maya go to the boxing club to stop Yash from participating in the boxing competition but fail. He also asserts that he wants Yash to accept the proposal. Later Aarti gets worried when she recollects Mansi’s suspicions. Scindia family, except Yash, discusses about Aarti’s proposal for Yash. Meanwhile, Mansi arrives and overhears the conversation.

She tells him that she would participate as Ansh does not have a father.

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Yash asserts that Aarti would never be able to take Arpita’s position. Aarti, however, refuses to relent and states that she was happy with her son and would continue to fulfill all his demands and be a mother and father to him. Gayatri and Yash’s father are left surprised to hear it.

She warns Mansi not to create misunderstandings between Aarti and Yash. Shobha decides to speak up for her rights.

The duo not only tries to pacify Yash but also tries to convince him to accept Aarti as his wife. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Aarti pacifies Palak and Payal and makes pubar understand that Yash would soon become Ansh’s father puhar.


Yash is also worried whether the woman he remarries would ever become an able mother to his daughters and take care of them. Eventually, Prashant fell in love with some other woman named, Neha and wished to marry her. Mr Scindia asks the manager to make grand arrangements for the weddings. After Yash leaves, Aarti tells Mansi that she has agreed to marry Yash for the sake of Ansh and that she does not expect anything else from him.

Yash too is left shocked when he sees Aarti. He explains that the woman who can separate from her own biological child will never be able to take care of her step-daughters.

With a heavy heart, Shobha sternly questions Prashant why he called them up. Pratik’s aunt overhears his conversation and gets furious. After overhearing Yash’s conversation, Shobha believes that Yash was a well cultured person and would take care of Aarti and Ansh. Her husband tries to convince 15 saying that they would do a favor on Aarti by accepting Ansh and thus that she never went against them and always danced to their zee.

When Aarti refuses to accompany the pinar, Mansi tries to convince her.

She tries to explain to him how growing daughters needed a mother to share their joys and worries. Before their marriage, Prashant had vowed to take care of Aarti and also to be with her throughout the life. Aarti rides her scooty behind Yash’s car but is unaware about Yash. Yash decides to rush vjvah the airport.