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I say this every time i comment on your page but i cant help wanting to let you know what an excellent writer you are. Hope you will do one for Coffee Prince once it’s shown: It did get very draggy after awhile that I began to lose interest. Can’t he just wear a simple buttoned-down shirt? I kind of hoped she was with Joon Ha because he looks better haha. Thanks for the summary.

Mu-ryong and Johnny react to the news by getting drunk. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. It’s like rubbing salt in the wound, hammering the point in cruelly: She then challenges him to fix her love life and if he is successful she will forget about the debt. I am never disappointed – well unless I check more than once a day.. Throw in a fountain in the background and it’s a reverse “Lovers in Paris”. Or maybe this series.

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Too many things to put into an episode. The date ends when Mu-Ryong falls asleep for a moment, resulting in Yoo Hee throwing a glass of water at his face and calling him rude. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled fo’ sho’. And what’s up with epiode ice cream?

Your email address will not be published. As he leaves, Yoo Hee can only stare after him…. He did not get on the plane because of her and they embrace and kiss. Thanks for writing all the episode summaries!!

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Never mind my last comment, ive finnally found it Description As the director of her father’s advertising company, Ma Yoo Hee Han Ga In is known as a witch for her ruthless, no nonsense character. In the absence of cool plot twists so far, I have to appreciate that they pulled ONE out.


It’s just too good and fun to read. I’d rather they explore bit and pieces in earlier episodes. It is sad to read this kind of news because a production is such a team work.

While delivering food from his father’s Chinese restaurant, Mu-Ryong becomes involved in a car accident, coincidentally with Yoo Hee. I only wish him many more fulfilling ventures that make wtich use of his abilities. She meets Moo Ryung.

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I have been waiting for this summary since they started showing the 13th episode. And it’s not just any hotness. He again agrees but thinks Johnny could be the possible candidate. She invites him to a drink and she asks if they can date but he walks out on her because he has made a deal with her father, just like before.

XD Anyway, I haven’t seen this episode yet yuhre reading your summary, it made me laugh. Joon Ha takes her to episde hospital, where her mystery ailment is not disclosed. Drama viewership ratings episodf the week of Feb.

She hears her father from behind the curtain telling Joon Ha to give up the hospital before Yoo Hee gets suspicious and to not mess up this time.

Witch yoo Hee ep11 1/5

Oh man, is this next scene painful. Thank’s javabeans for the excellent summary. I love the drama so much Escaping from that ridiculousness, the two lovely men escape to their own romantic dinner. Thank you for wrapping up the series Yeah, okay, hah, we know how that ended. She is, however, completely oblivious of her faults and wigch comprehend why she is so bad when it comes to love.


I fortgot to include my name. Cliches aside, I’ve learned to anticipate and expect them in k-dramas.

Throw in yhuee fountain in the background and it’s a reverse “Lovers in Paris”. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

This episode is good. Thanks for making it bearable! If notability cannot be witcb, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted.


I didn’t download this drama anymore since I lost interest a while ago. She then leaves Moo Ryung and goes to his bedside.

I just can’t quite make the leap because something in my brain will not allow me to slash kdramas. If only they didn’t add too many sub-plots in the drama, it would have turn out to be a very good drama, just like ‘My Girl’. However, I’m just glad they didn’t do that “going away for years” plotline spisode one of the leads.

Oh drats, love is sure blind. How will be succeed? He begins by changing her entire wardrobe then her cold manner. I have yet to watch the drama after episode 8 but your recaps kept me going.

Really miss Paran, he could have been used as a tool to placate the silly “old” man earlier; or to foil the wicked plan much earlier. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: