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Feedback Already a direct link? Winabe Winabe 3 years ago 46 related to feeding multiple, if you throw food and one yokai gets it, throwing more food will always go to one that hasnt gotten it yet. So you might want to use the 5 star coin to get Goldenyan first. CloudDivider CloudDivider 3 years ago 36 Funny enough, I came across that picture yesterday while Buhu-hunting and couldn’t get it to work. Just wondering if anyone else had better luck than me lol. I always stop to watch Blizzaria’s caramelldansen.

I’m a bit of a completionist, so I’d really love to be able to completely fill out the photos section of the Medallium. Did it a second time, got Cupistol. I’ve been Buhu photo hunting all night. Thanks for the future tips. Still takes a bit of finesse. Be warned, this lady has a lot of facial modifications that some people may find disturbing.

I would like to reiterate an important need: The boarders of the image to the left and below are visible.

List of all the photos for Yo-kai Cam challenges | Yokai Watch Fans – Yo-Kai Watch Forum and Wiki

Softer than the softest sofa at the soft sofa store!! I’m gonna need your help guys. It’s possible it doesn’t even take color into account when buhy generating a yokai. Would you happen to have an example screenshot? More topics from this board That’s what those stars help you “purchase” after a particular quest.


Hopefully we will find one soon!

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Sign up for free! I’m done for now I think. Sign Up for free waych Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. I’ll bite you to Death. This list is also for people to do the infinite holy exporb glitch.

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Also feel free to post some info about this challenge, or feel free to post about anything that involves the Yo-Kai cam challenges.

If you can read japanese the website linked in this reddit thread might have pictures of faces we need: I was so annoyed by this that is joined this board specifically to post this. This picture got me Dismerelda. Please read the rules before wztch

List of all the photos for Yo-kai Cam challenges

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. This worked for me for castelius I http: Plenty of Neighfarious, that’s for sure though.


I really don’t think you need to ask for permission. I never got her again after that. This is risky as your team might kill it before you can feed it. Did anyone find a Buhu photo aside from the one posted earlier in this thread?

Buhu is a pain! Weekly Casual Discussion Threads. I saw a list but it was very incomplete. Branch77x7 Branch77x7 3 years ago 39 10 hours and 18 coins Also, I posted another picture for Happiere since someone else had trouble with it.

Maybe it’s just a requirement of taking X amount of pics that day to find draggie? Not sure why you would need to do that.

Log In Sign Up. I’m been screwing around with the system date, the results. I’m sure they threw it on the reddit for people to use