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Matsuda arrives just in time to witness Yawara’s 1-second ippon takedown of Sayaka, a complete anticlimax that stuns the whole arena to silence. Meanwhile, Matsuda is having second thoughts about the trouble he has caused her and rescues her from the media hounds on a motorcycle. When Yawara arrives, she is conscripted to be a temporary placeholder member for the judo club by Hanazono, who does not know her judo abilities initially. However, Yawara is unmoved. Yawara is matched with an old rival from Tsukushi, Ogaki, who has been armed with a secret technique developed by her coach to counter Yawara. She dances ballet before training. Wataru Yahagi Arrangement by: Jaume Lleal as Tokunaga, el majordom Catalan dub.

Fujiko escapes the initial attacks with her flexibility, and executes her signature move to defeat the younger twin. This classic supernatural samurai adventure manga hasn’t been adapted into animation since the s! Yawara stands outside her door and is unable to call for her. The uncle and Jigoro do not get along, as they argue over whether a teacup or judo tatami is more important. During the final match, Yawara is again distracted but earns a victory by spraining her right wrist in the process, possibly disabling her from taking the entrance exam the next day apparently she cannot write left-handed. Jigoro reads in the news that Teleshikova dominated the recent European free weight judo championship and tells Yawara, but it does not “stir her blood” like he expected.

Jigoro tries to run the dojo but runs off the remaining 2 students due to tough training methods. She is unable to support a cracking Fujiko, who wants to forfeit rather than fight. Kyon-kyon took very detailed notes on the rivals, which may come into use; she is jido to be a smart learner.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl ep 54 English Sub – Kissanime

Teleshikova unleashes another uranage for a yuko and another throw for yuko, now leading Yawara in match points. Jigoro is introduced to the women as faahionable, but they are not impressed, nor by Hanazono as the assistant; the men are distracted by the half-revealed breasts of the sexpot Mari in her judo uniform.

At home, Fujiko’s parents are wondering how she is doing, as there is no live coverage. When it rains, Yawara and Matsuda find themselves seeking shelter in the same phone booth, and Yawara tells him that her dad Kojiro might be in Seoul, where perhaps they can find him.


Tohdoh is matched with Cuba’s unknown Martinez, and their intensity terrifies Fujiko. Hiroko Tokita Series Composition: Yawara stands outside her door and is unable to call for her. Matsuda finds out about the letter and frantically searches the arena for a possible Kojiro sighting.

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Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl episode 54

Both commiserate over how men can swee-talk and then betray them. He launches into another semi-fictional story that starts inafter he won his first Japan Judo Championship. Jigoro mistakes Mitsuba cheerleaders for can-can dancers and attempts to teach them “Yawara cheers” for the Barcelona Olympics, and afterwards enjoy a boisterous drinking party and late-night disco dancing outing with them. Atsuko Mine as Yuki Todo.

The 8th Ajisai Vashionable begins, with 16 female colleges participating, including 5-time champ Tsukushi University. In their match, Jody scores the first yuko points against Teleshikova.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl Episode 54

Matsuda and Yamoda sneak into the Inokuma compound and are conscripted by Jigoro to be referees; Yawara extracts a promise from Matsuda that he would not print a word about the match. Yawara, Yuki, and Sayaka all win easily in their two preliminary matches.

Mitsuba judo club’s first “practice” was a disaster, as no one actually knows how to do judo.

Yawara feels inferior because she does fashioable Kuniko’s big boobs or overt sexiness. Jody wins with an ippon throw, but Igrl uses a collar strangle instead, surprising the observers. Zeccho Emotion BanG Yaqara Paddy-field takes care of the next 2 and faces Sayaka and is quickly dispatched in an uchi mata ippon. His mother tells him that they do not need help running their family hotel, as he is useless as a housekeeper, and they want him to continue his budding career as a reporter.

Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray. Sayaka is waiting for her one opening to launch her secret weapon. Yawara tells Tamao that she could not find her father in Seoul. Seiko Tomoe as Fujiko’s mother.


Fujiko and Hanazono end up holding hands as they pledge fan support to Yawara for the Barcelona Olympics, where judo will be an official sport in her head, however, Yawara has decided to quit judo. When Fujiko experiences pain at a cake-eating outing with Yawara, she is taken to the OBGYN department of a hospital, but it turns out she epidode ate too much and not about to give birth.

The team members try to think about what kind of jobs they will be holding after graduation. The match begins and Yawara is quickly thrown for a yuko 5 points on her way to intentionally lose the match. However, the only jobs that Komiya appear to be for call-girls which pay 20, yen per hour.

Yawara cooks special food to bribe Jigoro so she could break her new job news to him: As they reflect, they find that the overflowed tea cup contains a lucky vertical tea stem and grow optimistic with a “maybe Renata Bertolas episkde Jenny. Wagadzuma’s coach encourages his team by telling them that Mitsuba members, other than Yawara, are all white-belts.

Yawara escapes from the media leaving Jigoro to deal with them. Episodde finally enters her first match since the World Cup against Tohdoh. At the same time, the Musashiyama judo team is also struggling mightily, losing the first match quickly but eking out a victory by the smallest judoka, Kohno, who keeps to Yawara’s training advice. As they stop to have lunch, Matsuda somehow tells the taxi driver he is going to the judo championship, who then starts to drive at fashionabble speed to Belgrade because he is also a Yawara fan and believes Matsuda is her fiance.

Madhouse Mook Animation Watanabe Productions. This is My Way!! The final scenes show Jody and Teleshikova training hard in hot anticipation for a match in Jody’s case, rematch giel Yawara.