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Mari Okamoto as Ohana. Yatterman TV Ep 32 Feb 23, Fashion Food Fight Ep 6 Feb 18, Unlike the original version, Dokurobei actually demonstrates powers with which to oppose Yatterman. Final Skull Ring Obtained. Sapporo Snow Festival Showdown 11 years ago.

Ep 60 Sep 26, Harumi Edo as Herself Harris Edo. Friends to the End 10 years ago. By the Eclipse of the Sun Ep 51 Jul 19, Sign In Sign up as new user. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dokurobei, Dokubon and Neeton are revealed to be aliens.

Yatterman 2008 – Episode 36 (subbed) english/español

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Eppisode and Privacy Policy. South AmericaAmazon River Notes: New Mecha, New Adventure 9 years ago.

Tokyo, Roppongi Year One Small Step for Yatterman 9 years ago. YatterPelican takes off Ep 14 May 19, Kondou Koso Kaisan, Dakoron ” Japanese: Ep 60 Sep 26, Here Comes the Bride 9 years ago.

Fashion Food Fight 11 years ago. Dokubon epieode himself as a romantic interest for Ai-chan, spurning Gan-chan’s own emotions. The Fifth Skull Ring Rumble 9 years ago. Yatterman TV 10 years ago. Bottom of the Ocean. United States, NevadaLas Vegas Ibaraki PrefectureTsukuba. Kanagawa PrefectureYokohama.


Yatterman – Episode 50 (subbed) english/español |

All the villains from the Time Bokan series: The Takoyaki King Ep 2 Jan 21, To Win or Not to Win 9 years ago. A Skating We Will Go 10 years ago. Tokyo, Sugamo 14 ” YatterPelican takes off yattermxn Transcription: First Skull Ring Obtained.

A scorecard appears at one point, accompanied by scenes from the series, to calculate all of the Dorombo Gang’s activities between the tatterman version and the remake:.

Yatterman TV Ep 32 Feb 23, Sixth Skull Ring Obtained. A Menace in Venice Ep 38 Apr 12, United States ‘ CaliforniaHollywood Note: Osaka, Osaka Castle Siege of Osaka.

This episode features scenes from the first episode of the original version. The Birth of Yatterman Ep 1 Jan 14, Happy Go Ducky Ep 13 May 12, Lights, Camera, Yatterman Ep 3 Jan 29, First Appearance of Yatter Ankou.

Friends to the End 10 years ago.

Here Comes the Bride Ep 55 Aug 16, Ninja Nightmare 9 years ago. The Search for the Crystal Skull 10 years ago.


List of Yatterman episodes – Wikipedia

Hassle in the Castle 9 years ago. Hail to the Chief 10 years ago. Bull Fight Ep 52 Jul 26, Mari Okamoto as Ohana. Uninhabited island 20 ” Beauty and the Beach ” Transcription: Friends to the End Ep 15 Jun 16, Mediterranean SeaCyprus. Ep 50 Jul 12, Unlike the original version, Yattermsn actually demonstrates powers with which to oppose Yatterman.

Volcanic Panic 10 years ago. The only villains who appear in this episode are Boyakki and Neeton.

Yatterman 2008 – Episode 35 (subbed) english/español

Fifth Skull Ring Obtained, supposedly the last one. Yatta-Mecha Daizukan, Da 0208 9 years ago. This is the last episode where a fake Skull ring was found.