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The competition between Azuma and Kanmuri begins, however both are desperate to win, with Azuma’s promise to Tsukino and Kawachi on the line, and Kanmuri’s research that is threatened by Yukino. Kishikaisi no urutora C! Mujintou no pan shokunin! Singing And Dancing French Breads! Good Enough for a Horse?! Kawachi meets a young nun who turns out to be his mentor on baking bread, during his stay. The story starts when Azuma is 5, living in the country with his grandfather, a rice farmer, and his sister. The Road of the Loquat!

Amazed by the taste and the shapes of bread, Kazuma gets the opportunity to watch bread being made. Kai and Monica’s Two-Person Tripod! The match takes place in the next episode, and it is revealed that Panda’s baking powder causes dough to puff out and burst multiple times. The Back Side of the Panels. The potato’s true nature. The winner between China and America during the earlier battle turns out to be America, with all three of their breads winning, and to top that Sachihoko’s bread placed third in the semi-finals. Back in the present, Pierrot ends up crying bitterly as the reaction wears off until he is suddenly admonished by the King and Queen. The truth about the Kaysers!

Share this Rating Title: Japan Gaiden – Matsushiro Deluxe. He dreams of surpassing his father, a great chef and restaurant owner, and so attends Totsuki Culinary Academy, a legendary and With no other choice, team Japan makes a new life spisode statue, with Kawachi inside. Azuma and Kanmuri get the idea of using sea urchins, but Azuma tearfully implores Kawachi to make some poor quality French bread with a high moisture content while sending Kanmuri off to obtain a ‘secret weapon’.

During Azuma’s match with Suwabara, Azuma baked Japan 44, a bread that allows you to go heaven. The judges, Kuroyanagi and Dave go to heaven after eating Azuma’s bread.

Matsushiro also suggests that Kawachi go train at a church during the finals, before facing Suwabara. The object is to make the yakisoba not the bread. The show is as wacky as they come and I’m sure that non-Japanese viewers will miss a lot of the jokes. On the day of the competition itself, Norihei wins the hearts of the crowd by offering them his nori spread, which intoxicates su and turns them into rabid fans singing his praises.


It is based on a manga by Takashi Hashiguchi. Yukihira Soma is a teen japqn a great enthusiasm for cooking.

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Azuma promises him that he can send him to heaven with a new Japan, since he can no longer make yakiitate Japan 44 due to not having his petalite slab. It’s almost time for the final match of the Monaco Cup.

While Sachihoko finishes his Egyptian bread, Alexandria, far ahead of Kawachi, Kawachi, unable to resist the urge to watch Pierrot’s reaction, looks up to realise that time has stopped. Kawachi is accused of murder, but charges are cleared when Pierrot stands up, appearing fine.

Kazuma ni kuroi kaze! When Kawachi tells him that a standard croissant is 54 layers, Azuma says that this is too little, and that it should be layers, which would be burnt to a crisp if baked. Since childhood, he’s been on a quest to create the perfect bread to represent Japan Without knowing why, Pierrot did what he was told and judged Suwabara’s bread first, then as he was about to judge Monica’s bread Pierrot, Suwabara and the audience saw that during the time Pierrot was judging Suwabara’s bread, Monica’s sugar rose had bloomed engilsh a beautiful flower which gave her an advantage to gain credit for the bread to be beautiful.

Kuroyanagi declares the competition between the brothers a tie, but Tsutsumi accepts defeat. Kuroyanagi is worried because Shadow’s bread can create impossible reactions on ordinary people, not just hypersensitive types yamitate him and Pierrot, so he wonders how Azuma will fare. Kaname buys the ingredients sug Narumi makes the filling for the bread, while Chimatsuri, who possesses the Flame Arm, will do the actual baking. The Pantasia team is terrified at having to face off against a professional Chinese chef, but Azuma suddenly comes up with a plan.

He then takes a bite of Kawachi’s bread and launches into a story about his circus friends.

Yakitate!! Japan

Pantajia shinjin no kaishi! Mujintou no pan shokunin! However, Norihei comes up to them and gives Azuma his book of nori recipes, and praises him on sharing the same goal as he: Despite Kawachi’s attempts to cheer him up, Kanmuri is depressed After getting fired for appearing “soulless”, he was found in a bar by Yuuichi Kirisaki and enrolled in the Monaco Cup, and is being worked to death by Kirisaki to copy his Gopan technique perfectly.


Kawachi meets a young nun who turns out to be his mentor on baking bread, during his stay. Azuma then meets Kawachi Kyosuke, another applicant.

The Back Side of the Panels. The Worst Possible Theme. After Kawachi’s dreadful defeat at the hands of Kanmuri, Azuma decided to take revenge for Kawachi.

Kawachi and Kanmuri then devise a plan that will allow the Japanese team to appear the weakest ejglish order for Kanmuri’s plan to work. Taiyou no te VS Honoo no ude!

Yakitate!! Japan

Amazed by the taste and the shapes of bread, Kazuma gets the opportunity to watch bread being made. When he takes a look at Monica’s hands, they are scarred as a result of molding hot sweets, and when Suwabara sees this he says that she has the most beautiful hands he have ever seen, as the marks on her hands are the mark of a true patissier. The Shape of Completion. Kanmuri counteracts this by using Kinoshita’s cloning ability to create a live bread-making demonstration outside Pantasia.

The objective is to make a bread with fish or a bread that tastes good with fish.

Kanmuri later exposes his risky plan to Matsushiro; Kawachi overhears, when he plans to visit everyone at the Southern Tokyo branch. Later, when they are alone, Suwabara tells Monica a tragic story of his abandonment by his father, but promises to be the sort of father that his child will sug up to.

Katsu no ha dotchi!? The match ends in a draw, and thus concludes the Pantasia Newcomers arc. He became so good at mimicking that he started mimicking people unconsciously and ended up becoming a star sug performer.