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They hear Xena coming, calling for Gabrielle. Melissa points out to me: She begs to follow Xena. Xena and Gabrielle resist the temptation of male versions of each other as potential mates and continue their travels together. My mother always wanted me to get married and have kids. I couldn’t stand the darkness that would follow. Xena tells a “Spartan” “I don’t give my heart to just anyone” and there is a cut to Gabrielle, looking at Xena.

It was these more playful episodes that really pushed the boundaries of the story world and told a variety of familiar stories in a new context, to show how universal the human experience, no matter the social context. Gabrielle cames up behind them and holds a knife to the back of Xena’s head. Xena keeps her wits about her in this Julius Caesar encounter while Gabrielle learns why Xena hates the Romans and their political machinations. The fantasy ending show, where Xena and Gabrielle literally fly off into the sunset together. Dreamworker Xena undergoes a Dreamscape Passage of confronting her demons to rescue Gabrielle from Morpheus worshipers interested in her blood innocence. Gab says to Xena that Craftstar is telling her about his god and that it was interesting. After finding her, Gabrielle, mischevious as she is, tries to arouse some sort of jealousy from Xena by describing some guy she met in a bar.

It’s interesting how Gabrielle gets more and more enthusiastic about the contest, considering her first reject.

Something that Buffy the Vampire Slayer would touch on in the final episodes of Buffy having Willow awaken the slayer in all girls — with a scene of an abused 10 year old, coming into her slayer powers in time to turn the tables on her abuser. Gabrielle tries to hit Xena with her sdason. When they meet, Gabrielle is trying to figure out who Leah is. Xena turns and gives her a big hug. When Gabrielle says she feels better and Xena says “Good. This madness can’t be so Gabrielle: That’s seaon i headed back.


Gabs talks about shopping for solstice gifts. When the Gabby clips are played — kissing, bathing, and general fooling around, the more butch than usual Xena makes a wubtext face and says: She can’t live without me for a minute.

No, Rob, Subtext Did Not Ruin Xena

Gabrielle’s betrothed, Perdicus, asks her to come along; Gabrielle blows him off so she can talk to Xena. The same happens with Xenx there are examples of that through the episode, if you didn’t remember aboutso it’s pretty significant that Janice first saves Mel, and only then gets her hat.

In this episode, Gabrielle is kidnapped by your usual lot of clueless baddies, who seem not to think of Xena as a threat, and have a rather dim plan of marrying Gabrielle to a dead guy.

Xena in Callisto’s body and Gabrielle in her own body are walking through a meadow.

Season Three

It had a lot of rehashing of scenes and words, the same dialogue that were and are in so many, many other eps. Also, Gabs gave her speech about how she would never be able to forgive herself and how Xena must hate her.

She opens up to Sphaerus, telling him about leaving home because of her lesbian sibtext. Ares is discussing the “Gabrielle problem” with Aphrodite, saying “Pretty soon, when people think of love, they’ll think of Xena, not Aphrodite. She warns me about you.

AmazonBon’s Xena Disclaimers and Dialogue — Sub-Text

After finding her, Gabrielle, mischevious as she is, tries to arouse some sort of jealousy from Xena by describing some guy she met in a bar. Gabrielle questions Xena about her feelings, whether they are genuine or not.


Reminds me of something This week, Xena meets an Agatha Christie novel, emotions run a little high, and Ares falls from grace. But I want you to know that I still think you are the best thing that ever happened to me. The Bitter Suite Predating the Buffy Musical episode by three years, Xena and Gabrielle face their betrayals in an alternate world of Illusia — a magical and musical place. This week, seaskn as we discuss confusing facial hair decisions, bathing habits, and question the intelligence of some villagers in season 1 episode 6 of Xena Warrior Princess, “The Reckoning.

It looks like something is going to happen Peter’s pondering on revisited: Why did it take her so long? To regain Ulysses’ ship, Gabrielle dresses provocatively and dances for the pirate crew; while Xena is sneaking aboard behind the audience, she deliberately pauses to admire Gabrielle’s “slinking. The nth reincarnation of Alti clones Xena and Gabrielle to make havoc in present World, helped by a trio subtxet nerds with strangely known faces.

Like the time just before you saved Ulysses. It’s also an interesting way that Gabrielle shows Xena that she has brought her chakram and whip with her. Perhaps Gabrielle is bitter about this?