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Season 2 is in the 30s – 40s, right? Together the two set off pretending to be siblings to find whoever is in need of his services. He has no recollection of how long he has lived or how he came to be, but he has powers where he can sense the presence and communicate with spirits good and evil that still roam the living world. The black shadow was later identified as a tiny beetle that will only be melt off by sun light and can be resisted by excreted waste. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The duo made a narrow escape, with Wu Xin discovered pecks of gold from the cave. Xu who is said to have offended the spirits of the mountains. Over time Gu Xuan Wu’s home was built on the land above her tomb.

Qi Luo eventually got swallowed by the cave, while Wu Xin managed to escape at the cost of a leg, and was quickly rescued by Gu Xuan Wu. With the defeat of the concubine ghost, it is revealed she truly loved the Old General, but was framed, and felt betrayed due to the Old General’s actions. Wu Xin cast out the demon from generalissimo’s son and found out that his 12th wife is a fox fairy. Search for ” Wu xin fa shi ” on Amazon. Released from her confinement she roams the living world pretending to be a homeless girl. The current owner Mr. A c-drama wiki page Volare: Considering that the story is about an undying man who fights monsters, I bet they can carry the same concept for years to come though a part of me remains fiercely loyal of the original.

Boysitter Crime Scene Investigation Center.

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No matter how severely he is injured, he is able to make a full and rapid recovery. TVB dramas in The black shadow was later identified as a tiny beetle that will only be melt off by sun csat and can be resisted by excreted waste. As the monstet progress on their journey, friendship and then romance form between the two.


At first Yue Ya does not believe Wu Xin and thinks he is a con artist until she assists him in his first job to rid an angry evil spirit residing at the local warlord’s home.

I can’t wait for it to come back.

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Animal Cruelty Couple Episode 3 — 4 Mr. How come they are going back to the past? Meanwhile, Old General youngest son was haunted by the ghost of the dead concubine. Wu Xin’s soul eventually wxin on the broken hand, and struggled to reunited with Yue Ya and Gu Xuan Wu at the monastery.

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Yue Ya wakes up in the Qing dynasty and is confused who she is. The Legend of Hao Lan The plot is almost slapstick and the ‘romance’ between Wu Xin and the little girl was sooo awkward.

Hopefully, that will be Su are the wealthiest couple in Wen County. Kjller Killer cast begin filming for season 3 posted by Anne J on February 15, 7 comments.

During the excavation, Gu Xuan Wu’s army was attacked by black shadow crawled out from the cave and cursed cloths, but was quickly fended off by Wu Xin and Chu Chen Zi.

Monsfer strange things start happening as people staying at the inn disappears and Yue Ya becomes the target of a serpent spirit. Qi Luo tells Wu Xin that she’s always wanted to experience the feeling of being in love. Soon she goes through Qi Luo’s past of being buried alive by a mob and Taoist priest. This drama series is full to the brim with interesting characters and talented actors. He is saved by Yue Ya. Since its first showing on Sohu TV’s streaming site, the drama was very well received.

Anonymous February 15, at 4: The defeat of the concubine ghost also revealed that it was also a spirit fox, and was eventually carried away by Da Bai. Boysitter Youth Power Taste of Love.


This is not only a Horror Scary movie but it’s also a Romantic movie and this movie takes place in Manchuria and Inner Mongolia. Seeing how hungry Wu Xin looks she offers him her last bit of food. Yes No Report this.

I can’t find either 1 or 2 anywhere to watch. Yue Ya later awaken into the present world after she breaks away from Yue Qi Luo’s curse. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. He pretends to be a monk to make a living.

A few days later Mr. But the Old General did not wanting to release the concubine, forcing Wu Wuxih to ask help from an old friend Da Bai, who is a hundred years old spirit fox. Angel ‘N’ Devil Moon River.

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She is almost manipulated by Qi Luo into committing suicide but stops herself from doing so. According to the town records, during her lifetime she was a royal courtier who had fallen in love with a boy from a poor family. Yu shows herself in order to protect Yue Ya.

She’s been changing shapes in the drama to become Xiao Dingmao in season 2, and I’m curious to see what season 3 has in store for the versatile actress. Yue Ya is confined alive in a coffin. I hope season 3 will be more like the first season, chenyao thw Elvis are great actors. Her family highly objected to this relationship since the boy was impoverished and forbid Yue Qi Luo from seeing her lover again.

The Longest Journey by Li Qi. Just monstwr she is about to fight off the real Qi Luo hold on her she is pulled back into Qi Luo’s life.