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A self-propelled gun was also designed with a 7. The Breda is the best of the two for supression, but suffers at peekaboo due to the very long firing time especially when shooting all 12 rounds, best weapon for mid range shooting and more reliable penetration then the KwK. The track box itself was bolted to the hull and served to hold the springs and to stow equipment. In , Rheinmetall widened its Leichttraktor’s twelve double road wheels from 86 to 90mm. As a result, it was concluded that the commander needed to be in the main turret as per the original design, and that in the future, a hour clock needed to be used to communicate between the commander and the gunner. The radio operator Funker sat close to the floor to the right and somewhat behind the driver. The prototypes arrived at the Kana testing grounds in June Retrieved from ” http:

Rear-mounted turret creates some peculiarities in handling and fighting. It was also decided that a 3-speed Friedrichshafen-Soden-Getriebe with claw shifting was be installed with a Krupp auxiliary gear instead of the Stroboskop. The Leichttraktors were sent to Heereszeugamt Spandau for overhaul. Tracks are covered from the sides and allow some side scraping actions. Early Research As only one module is available for research, get the gun and move on. The engine had a starter magneto and an electrical generator. During the winters of and , they were stored near Berlin. The vehicle was to be equipped with a radio with telegraph key Funk-Telegraphie-Geraet with a stationary range of 3 km, a mobile radio range of 2 km, and a Morse code range of 17 km.

Waffenpruefwesen 6 Wa Prw 6 then created conceptual guidelines and technical specifications to provide a basis for detailed designs, and awarded development contracts to design companies. Both idler wheels were adjustable, and had spring tensioners to prevent the track from breaking when driving over leichtrtaktor.

The Leichttraktors by Krupp were designated Nr.


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An observation cupola Beoboachtungskuppel with protective glass Kinonglass was also decided to be used. The project required the development of a multipurpose platform, which should not only form the chassis of a battle tank, but also a ration supply vehicle Verflegungsnachshubammunition transport Munitionstransportand industrial applications vehicle Wirtshaft. Preliminary requirements 25 April at a meeting between the representatives of the Wehramt and prospective developers outlined the basic need for a fully-tracked vehicle with a fully-rotating turret, which should be equipped with a semi-automatic 37mm gun and one auxiliary 7.

This modification was also proposed as an ambulance, whose crew would consist of two drivers, a physician, and two assistants.

The testing facility was operational from to The prototypes arrived at the Kana testing grounds in June Rear-mounted turret creates some peculiarities in handling and fighting. In the designs, the engine was positioned in the front with cooling on the right, and was protected by an armored grate; fuel and steering were on the left.

The width of these vision slits could be adjusted from 3 to 20 mm wide by sliding the adjustable plates. The ammunition for the machine gun was stowed under the floor plates and in the track boxes, where the smoke dispensers were also located.

Three 20 rounds were stowed in removable holders, and two 15 rounds were stowed horizontally in individual packing.

lichttraktor Overall, the Leichthraktor vehicles were considered a success during testing and were subsequently used for training in Kama, but were not seen as fully-ready for combat. Preliminary tests at Krupp without turret, which was to be assembled by Rhienmetal proved to be a huge success.

In truth, the Kleintraktor program was intended to research and develop a suitable chassis and propulsion system for tanks and other armored military vehicles. Inspecktorat 6 K of the Wehramt leicbttraktor its requirements for basic functional characteristics for a light tank.

These functional requirements were then given to Heereswaffenamt Pfuefwesen 6 for trial pieces Versuchssteucke. The driver would sit on the left and have vision slits optical glass in an armored head-housing Kopfgehause. Second most hit points of any Tier 1 tank.


The tanks were continuously modified to aid in testing new designs for future light tank development. Additionally, there was a hatch in the leichtfraktor rear-wall, a hatch above the radio operator, and a hinged rectangular vision cupola Sehkuppel above the driver.

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The Maybach engine was quieter because of its lower speed rpm versus Daimler’s rpm but was significantly larger and weighed more kg versus Daimler’s kg. The Leichttraktors were sent to Heereszeugamt Spandau for overhaul. Instead, it is generally better to reverse the tank to take a peek around a corner.

If the starter failed, the engine could be started using a crank. Tracks are covered from the sides and allow some side scraping actions.

However, Krupp’s contract stated they would not include parts of military nature, consisting of the armament, 14mm thick armor, and additional technical equipment.

Weapons were to consist of a semi-automatic 37mm cannon housed together with a light machine-gun in a fully-rotating turret. The Leichttraktor leads to the Pz. Krupp prepared preliminary drawings very quickly preliminary drawings were dated 3 July The tank is nicknamed “LoLTraktor” and is the basis of a fan-made comic series. Kinonglas-blocks were mounted behind vision slits on three sides leichttarktor the Sehkuppel.

The first German tank available to the player, the Leichttraktor starts with an underpowered 85hp engine and the 3. These treaties would later prove to be ones the Soviet Union would regret.