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Additionally, beginning in , a company of 17 vehicles were ordered at a cost of 50, Marks per “Kleintraktor”. Adequate armor and performance characteristics make it a very good starting tank. Overall the Breda is more useful in most situations as an autocannon, but the KwK 36 does have much better peekaboo potential and is much better if one must engage at longer ranges. The Maybach was also more expensive, but more fuel efficient. Development of turrets and armaments was to follow closely under utmost secrecy. Porsche, Stuttgart-Unterturkheim, with a proposed contract between the Heereswaffenamt and the firms for the design and production of two Klien-Traktoren.

This variant had no turret, but had a fully-armored superstructure and retractable observation instruments. Second most hit points of any Tier 1 tank. Due to the high mounting of the cooling system, the vehicle was able to ford rivers up to 80cm deep. The ammunition for the machine gun was stowed under the floor plates and in the track boxes, where the smoke dispensers were also located. In , based on the testing at Kama, the radiator was strengthened and the Soden transmission was replaced with an Aphon one. Doyle, , Panzer Tracts – No. Fairly large silhouette and the big lower hull plate is a favourite place for enemies to shoot. In , Rheinmetall widened its Leichttraktor’s twelve double road wheels from 86 to 90mm.

Daimler modified the Nachshub-Fahrzeug suspension to nine double road wheels, a mm track contact length weight increased to kgand the Krupp Leichttraktor had spring suspension installed.

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Cables were replaced with hydraulically-actuated steering brakes. Weapons were to consist of a semi-automatic 37mm cannon housed together with a light machine-gun in a fully-rotating turret. The track box itself was bolted to the hull and served to hold the springs and to stow equipment.

The prototypes arrived at the Kana testing grounds in June For steering and braking, there were two brake drums with Cletrac auxiliary wheels on both sides of the differential, which help slow the track when the brake is applied.


Additionally, the vehicle needed to have a smoke dispensing device Movif with the ability to dispense smoke for 20 minutes, and a poison gas filter Gasfilter. The Leichttraktors were converted to dry steering brakes, the driving brakes were modified, the suspension was strengthened, and the drive wheels were replaced with harder ones.

Adequate armor and performance characteristics make it a very good starting tank.

It remains a viable option even after the 2 cm Breda autocannon has been unlocked. Early Research As only one module is available for research, get the leicthtraktor and move on.

The design contractors prepared overview drawings and general descriptions of their proposed design. Four prototypes were built: Germany was severely restricted in its ability to develop new military equipment and armaments by the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I. In the summer ofall four Leichttraktors took part in major maneuvers at the troop training grounds Truppenuebungsplatz Munster Lager to test the concept of Panzerdivision.

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The Leichttraktor boasts easily the best stock gun of all the Tier 1 tanks in the form of the 3. The gunner Richtkanoniercommander Kommandantand loader Landekanonier sat in the turret.

References Entire section on history including photos and diagrams drawn largely from: Good gun selection – 2cm has good reload, penetration and damage. While binos are even better, they are overkill in most situations as the maps wont allow straight line sight that far, so optics are preferable if you are willing to spend K credits on such a low tier.

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The Leichttraktor leads to the Pz. Together, Krupp and Rheinmetall produced only 4 prototypes. Armor was designed to resist S. These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Two rubber tracks Gummiraupen were used.

The armor is in between the thickness of the MS-1 and T1 Cunninghamthick enough move bounce shots and yet light enough to keep the tank at a weight of 7 tons. It was also decided that a 3-speed Friedrichshafen-Soden-Getriebe with mlvie shifting was be installed with a Krupp auxiliary gear instead of the Stroboskop.

Besides the tank design, Krupp also proposed a platform for commercial and civilian applications called Leicht Zugmaschine LZ to maintain the cover story the development was an agricultural “traktor”.


It was codenamed Kama from the two words kazan and malbrandt. In the designs, the engine was positioned in the front with cooling on the right, and was protected by an armored grate; fuel and steering were on the left.

A secret motorization program or Kraftfhr Ruestungsprogramm, dated 17 Aprilordered the delivery of the first prototypes by October in order to begin testing in Krupp prepared preliminary drawings very quickly preliminary drawings were dated 3 July Deflector and spent cartridge sacks proved useful for both the machine gun and the cannon, as the crew was not hindered by the spent propellent gasses, even though the hatches were always open for safety at Kama.

Four prototypes with different armament, crew, weight, and suspension features were manufactured.

The specific ground pressure was to be a maximum of 0. Additionally, the gunner had to take command of the tank in certain situations. A self-propelled gun was also designed with a 7. However, Krupp’s contract stated they would not include parts of military nature, consisting of the armament, 14mm thick armor, and additional technical equipment.

Overall, the Leichttraktor vehicles were leichttrqktor a success during testing and were subsequently used for training in Kama, but were not seen as fully-ready for combat. Sources and External Links. This modification was also proposed as an ambulance, whose crew would consist of two drivers, a physician, and two assistants. One of the proposals was for a transport vehicle that would be able to transport 15 people, including the driver.

Inspecktorat 6 K of the Wehramt prepared its requirements for basic functional characteristics for a light tank.