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Adam dismisses Blake’s idea for an unburnable flag, so Blake joins a teenage art collective with Karl. They try to start a rival strong-man group called “The Gaylords’ Force”. Please, can we just talk? That’s a lot of stinks. Well, now it isn’t, is it? It was no problem for my boys in ballistics and my other boys in Forensics to find you after that. I thought we were Brajes.

I said she’s not coming, buddy. I feel like a spy right now. Are you really a cop? They get threatened by Lisa’s boss Cortez, who turns out to be Karl. We gotta stop our drug dealer from making the worst mistake of his life. The guys spend more time with Lisa and even get to meet Lori Beth Denberg. Oh, no, no, no, no.

It’s elementary school, my Emma Watson. After the party gets busted, the three get kicked off campus and search for jobs.

Workaholics s03e02 Episode Script

She has so many surprises. They decide to throw a pool party and Karl in a spoof deomance similar to Good Will Hunting. We all take turns pretending to be him, and this is my version. Anders is worried about his father visiting because he has been lying about his life to him.

This pretty thing took me to a whole new world. The three roommates try to get ready for a summer party. Hence, thereforced All tattoo parlors have drug dealers. We were all worried about nooooo- no, no!

I don’t know trje you’re up to later, but I’m dropping some product off at a celebrity client’s house. Get an apple, and then we can shmeek. Anyway, what’s been going on with you guys, huh? They realize their mistake and try to beat her to work to delete them, but soon find out they are still drunk. This season was split into two parts with each part consisting a total of 10 episodes. It’s almost it’s making me sneezing so bad. I have another surprise for you later.


You know, yes, I dealt to other people, but when I put the weed in those little kids’ hands, all I saw was your faces. It seemed like there was no time between you telling us that we owed you money and then you beating us up, throwing us in drokance van. But don’t really count it. Views Read Edit View history. Guys, I know this episoed right now, but it’s for the best.

Workaholics s03e02 Episode Script | SS

Looks like, uh, dragon tats is coming around. He attempts to cover it up by squatting in a nicer home down the street.

Oh, it looks so beautiful. No one owes you any money. And by bullet, I mean her vagina.

Workaholics Season 3 Episode 2 – True Dromance

No, brownies are made out of fudge, Blake. So you better give me the money, Mami, ’cause you work for me now. She’s gonna cut off my dick and feed it to me. Hey, you know what? Yeah, man, I know. Uh, some friend of yours brought you a steak lunch. I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet. Adam and Ders pitch the unburnable flag idea to their old buddy, with extreme consequences. I always did love selling you guys grass. TV by the Numbers. See, they make the pizza so hot that all the other dumb buffoons, they’ll just burn their pipes.


I lost some weight. He hates all of the trinkets they now have and refuses to believe pot brownies exist. Hey, you guys wanna go shmmeeck a booowww? We gotta stop our drug dealer from making the worst mistake of his life. Oh great, you won the pizza eating competition.

So the guys visit a retirement home and meet Adam’s grandfather, in an attempt to get Adam put back on his grandfather’s health insurance plan.

The memorial service turns into a battle between Adam, Anders and Blake in attempts to woo the girls. Special Agent Clements, D. So you went to a stranger for your drpmance All drug dealers have tattoos, right? Are we epiaode gonna let him go? There’s grass in these beignets. I’m going to college. How’d you know it was me? The three are getting excited for a pizza-eating contest.

It’s probably the dragon-tattooed girl. You ever think of that, man?