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Adam dismisses Blake’s idea for an unburnable flag, so Blake joins a teenage art collective with Karl. But, this year, I’m gonna flex on this moon. Okay, no more HBO for you. I was thinking the gh never mind. Like maybe the dead will rise or, like, the earth will start on fire or something. Those were Montez’s speakers. Because, you’re a strong boy, Adam. Well, I’m very excited to take it in as well.

All right, who is ready to ride? I, uh, thought you were I mean, it seemed as though you were, uh, vibing me. Add the first question. I don’t think I was here that day then. Instead, Alice agrees they may hold a service for “Homegirl”. What’s going on, dude?

Blake befriends on old guitar-playing resident, and Ders is looking for a “True Life” cast.

The guys then find out her IP address so they can find her and rescue her from her webcam life. At the same time, Adam and Blake have started to make their own jerky by cutting up an entire cow in the house.

Yeah, no, it is. I can’t go with you, buddy. What are what are we doing? Why don’t we go to bed, because we got a super moon that we want to be well-rested for tomorrow. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. What the fuck is this doing in here? Get out of my homey, Dr. See, check it out.


I’m thinking we could block off, like, five hours and – five hours? Uh, yogurt, hummus, purple stuff, sunny d. Bowels were playing tricks on me, so Adam, just go to bed, all right?

OK well, I do that to people. And he’s gone, and he’s never coming back. I slept like a log last night, dude. Part of the episode spoofs the film Speed and even features the bus driver from the film as the bus driver in the episode.

So you know who we have to call. Adam and Ders pitch the unburnable flag idea to their old buddy, with extreme consequences.

I think it’s blood. Either way, we’re probably masturbating, but we’re roommates, so that’s just the way it goes. We can go up to the roof and watch the super moon. That’s what you’re doing here, huh?

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Edit Did You Know? We gotta harness the power of the super moon for the exorcism. Kids I mean, kids can drink whatever, as far as I’m concerned. Instead, Alice agrees they may hold a service for “Homegirl”.

The three roommates try to get hoorror for a summer party. I didn’t that’s not barbeque s! That’s how that’s how you get HIV! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You’re making ’em up. A-Adam, what what what’s up? Teleamericorp in this episode who is haunting Adam.


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She she worked here. There’s gonna be some stuff that happens tonight that never happens! He is upset and threatens to give up drug dealing and go to college. All right, already, Bill! He used to work here, and Alice kept sexually harassing him. Oh, man, I didn’t know it was you till I did.

In Line – Tv-Links. The guys must come up with a plan to get Alice back after their new boss forces them to sit at separate desks.

I mean, you get into some sort of street brawl, I have I have no fear when it comes to fighting. Retrieved from ” https: Robert Englund’s Movies as Actor. But you can’t fall asleep until you silence the music.

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It was the renovations. Like ghosts are just flying all o whoa-ho! Hey, why are you acting so weird, huh? Paintings don’t “come back. I don’t think I was here that day then.

Previous Episode Next Episode. We gotta call the cops, tela,erican.