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They then shrink it and go into Mason’s mouth. Meanwhile, Justin and Max return to the Beast Bowl disguised as beast taming clowns where they allow the beast to escape and snatch Alex who throws the whip to Chase. Julie Cucuy Andy Kindler Whatever I draw on it will materialize. You just made a big mistake. Considering Max is the only Russo child that does not get powers or becomes a full wizard, Jerry thus decides to one day pass down the sub shop to Max, which he happily accepts. Give it a rest.

Let’s go slow dance in the ballroom. Just popping in when there might be someone around who shouldn’t know about magic. It ends with the Russo family hugging and gathering together with Alex stating that they are all finally happy at the same time. They soon reconnect, but not after Alex realizes that she cannot get back home, due to heavy magnetic currents interfering with her magic. Meanwhile, Maxine ends up winning the beauty pageant, making Jerry and Theresa celebrate. Please have a seat.

At the banquet, Chancellor TootieTootie tells Justin that his display episoxe affection and pride for Alex may reinstate him into the competition, causing Justin to be frantic and do everything within his power to destroy the tape.

Alex Gives Up

Do you think he would enjoy that? They are filthy rich. This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. You completely blew our chance of us ever being together. Just sewed ’em back on! Back in the loft Harper summons Alex, she uses a wziards to transform Harper’s bookdress into a princess gown and glass bowls into glass slippers. He tricks Hugh Normous into becoming one of the evil wizards in his army.


This is part 3 of a 4-part arc. Afterwards Jerry and Theresa eat it, and as a result they act like little kids. Oh, yeah, here you are. As he leaves, Keith Keith hounds them about being in a romantic relationship, to which Alex states she already has a boyfriend.

Wizards Of Waverly Place – S 4 E 2 – Alex Gives Up

Retrieved November 22, eepisode Alex tries to convince Justin that he is a wizard, a good wizard and not an Angel of Darkness. Justin and Max begin to hate Alex because of her insistence on saving Zeke and Harper resulting in them losing. We have our first latecomer. Good thing I’m always ready for a swim, huh? Doesn’t even make sense. She and Zeke go back to the royal party where they dance and then the story ends and the world is returned to its normality.

Not to mention a near-authentic admiral’s uniform. Gorog gives the kidnapped wizards their wands so they can take over the wizard world, but Crumbs refuses to let them. Harper and Zeke spend so much time together that Alex decides to make a Harper-clone.

Oh, hi, Chancellor Tootietootie. Then Max comes in and says that the prince charming has decided to use the Substation to be the ballroom for the royal party. Please, tell me he’s here. Meanwhile, Alex’s relationship with Mason is jeopardized again when oof beast tamer, Chase Riprock, falls in love with Alex and Mason gets jealous. The filthy rich would have that. Meanwhile, because Mason messed with the buttons, all the humans have discovered the mysterious thirteenth floor.

Alex kisses him on the cheek, and Mason suggests they just be friends. Let’s see what current jobs are available.

Wizards Of Waverly Place – S 4 E 2 – Alex Gives Up – video dailymotion

But another page that Alex tried was from Justin’s science book and a caveman appeared, but the caveman has a thing for Harper. Harper, not wanting to let Zeke make a fool of himself, tells Alex to tell Zeke the truth about wizards, but she is reluctant to, as exposing wizardry to another mortal could get her kicked out of the wizard competition forever if anyone finds out. See, he’s already looking at you as food. Alex soon breaks up the wizars, and is forced to choose either Mason or Chase.


Mason and Alex manage to get off of the island using the Bermuda shorts given to them poace Justin.

Please have a seat. I would never eat my little meatball.

This means that he is actually the descendant of a famous wizard who had previously been thought to have no living descendants. Max suggests they put a black hole in the wizard lair. Carlos Cucuy Samantha Boscarino Alex invites Mason to go with them but he says he cannot. After all that we’ve been through, it just can’t end like this.

It sounded way better in my head. Alex explains to Harper that the fairy tale has to run as it’s supposed to before things ccuuy go back to the way they were and then vanishes. Alex and Harper find a wealthy ghost named Lucy, who they let move in. I don’t know what I was thinking.