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Magical Adventure topic Winx Club 3D: The Winx transform and save the workers with help from the Specialists. Cheez TV was the first show in Australia to have an internet address in The Trix make themselves invisible and turn the scooters into a type of lion demon. Sky then reveals to Bloom that Daphne is being held captive by Tritannus and forced to tell all about Sirenix. He is antagonized by Dib, a young paranormal investigator who is determined to stop Zim from succeeding. Searching for the Gem of Empathy, Tritannus transforms Musa into a monster and she is saved when she bonds with the selkie who guards Melody’s ocean gate, Sonna.

Cindy Robinson topic Cindy Robinson born April 6, is an American voice actress who voices in anime, animations and video games. Winx began her racing career with three straight wins but then won only one race in her next seven starts. Production and broadcast The 6th season had 1st premiered in the United States on September 29, with the 1st episode “Inspiration of Sirenix”. Bloom managed to beat her rival and she and Sky have their first kiss. The English dub debuted on Nick Jr. He is notable for voicing the titular character in Robocar Poli.

Faragonda creates decorations, and then Faragonda allows children from Gardenia along with Bloom’s adoptive parents to come to Alfea and celebrate. Keythe Farley born Keith Farley in is an American voice actor, cel director and voice director. Together with an ever-expanding circle of friends, including fellow fairies Stella, Aisha, Tecna, Musa and Flora, she deals not only with the challenges of growing up different, but also learning how to use her new-found powers against those who either want to destroy her, take her power for their own, or wijx.

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Season 4 of Winx Club an Italian animated series, premiered on Rai 2 on 15 April and concluded on 13 Novemberairing 26 episodes. Darcy and Stormy show up with the Singing Whales of Melody. Kate Bristol born May 1, [3] is an American voice actress who has provided voices for Japanese anime series. She later joined the L.

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Meaty centers on a pair of teenage boys working at a fast-food restaurant established in the fictional Scaunchboro Mall: The What a Cartoon! While Hugh and Judy Neutron are talking about Jimmy returning home, Jimmy thwarts the Yolkians plot, and returns home. Her major roles include Ritsu Tainaka in K-On! Faragonda calls the Winx in and tells them about the Lilo, a magical plant which is on the verge of blooming for the first time in centuries, and it is somewhere on Earth, in Gardenia.


The Winx transform to stop the problem from getting worse. Samuel Brent Oscar Riegel born October 9,also known as Sam Regal, or Jack Lingo, is an American voice actor, writer and director who appears in cartoons, anime and video game series.

Bloom uses her Dragon Fire and melts the ice dragons and defeats the Trix. The season was broadcast and syndicated to countries worldwide, with Rai providing an English language dub.

She is caught by him, and is forced down a cliff. Meanwhile, Stella tries to bring her parents together, and express how she feels when they fight.

Member feedback about Josh Keaton: Omnia, the Guardian of Sirenix, tells them they each get a wish but after they have pleased destiny.

Oswald is an American children’s animated television series originally airing on Nickelodeon as part of the Nick Jr. After that he moved to Britain to continue his work there. The first season of the Italian animated television series Winx Club aired from 28 January to 26 Marchconsisting of 26 episodes. His most successful creation, Winx Club, debuted in and became a worldwide success. Sam Riegel topic Samuel Brent Oscar Riegel born October 9,also known as Sam Regal, or Jack Lingo, is an American voice actor, writer and sreie who appears in cartoons, anime and video game series.

Biography Born to an American father and Japanese mother, Hiromi later shortened to Romilived in Japan until she turned 13; soon after, her father retired and moved the family to Seattle, Washington.

Meanwhile, Flora’s selkie finds the pendant of Eraklyon at the bottom of the ocean of Earth, and gives it to Flora. Early life and career Gillies was born in Haworth, New Jersey. Flora, Tecna, and Musa must then try to find its weakness point.

In the isolated snow peaks, a looming castle casts dark, imminent shadows on the ground. While at Earth, Bloom dreams about her father rescuing a baby — unharmed in a fire. Member feedback about List of Huntik: As a voice actor, Whitfield voiced Phobos on W.


Spirit Sreie Faro: Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded Solaria is the most affected, especially King Radius who gets sick because of his connection to the sun.

Aisha learns that the monster is her cousin, Tritannus. When Tecna uses her cursed phone, the Winx find an ancient cursed book, which turns Tecna into a robot. Winx Bxlene franchise topic Winx Club is a fantasy franchise centered on the long-running television series of the same name created by Iginio Straffi.

He was in the s boy band No Authority and wa The Winx find an island composed completely out of trash, which Tritannus uses to refuel in toxins. Icy is not impressed and rather be with Tritannus. As an infant, he appeared in an OshKosh B’gosh commercial. The film is a sequel to Winx Club: Member feedback about Winx Club: In order to do so, they must also find Eldora, the fairy godmother, who, like Bloom, has quite a close connection with Selina, and the only one who knows how to seal the Legendarium for eternity.

The Mystery of the Abyss: He then lent his voice to many animated series, including Dennis the Menace as the title character —94Hey Arnold! Member feedback about List of Winx Club characters: Supporting the girls are teachers and other staff from the school, a group of boys from Red Fountain School of Specialists, and the Witches of Cloud Tower.

Episodes 1—8 were broadcast on Nickelodeon. The series is one of the first Italian cartoons to be sold in the U.

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In between, she played in a wide variety of productions at several music-theatre groups such as the Branch Office, theatre group mutually, Theater Sonnevanck and Oorkaan. Moore later voiced Rapunzel in the Disney animated fantasy musical comedy Tangled His father is Jewish and his mother is Catholic.

Bloom and Sky go on a date and are ambushed by the Trix.