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Vince discards his plans to move to Chicago and surprises Holly at the reception to make up with her since he can’t imagine his life without her. Val bumps into her high school ex-boyfriend Rick who now has a fiance. Vince’s grandfather dies, so Holly takes care of Vince and receives a “second hug”. Meanwhile, Val gets upset with her boss’s business antics and the new boys’ club atmosphere that the business has taken on. Val applies for a job at a PR company without telling her only employee Lauren. Val breaks up with Jeff after he says he doesn’t want to get married, and she tries to bury her pain under a veneer of optimism. Lauren is shocked to discover that her internet relationship is Val’s ex-fiance and Julie’s husband Rick, but that doesn’t stop her from loving her internet “poker guy”. Val and Rick kiss on the balcony.

Holly forces Val to talk to Rick again. Holly advises Val to use dirty tactics against another employee, Lauren, who is competing with Val for a coveted promotion. Meanwhile, Jeff and Gary try to fix Val’s armoire, but end up upsetting Val with what they do. Val has trouble keeping an expensive promise to the fire department. When Cal makes the offer again to everyone except Tina, Holly has trouble deciding whether to go or to stay with her friend. Holly throws a “lunar eclipse” party trying to make Vince jealous of her date who happens to be Gary’s boss.

Holly gives Ben a makeover to increase his chances with his new love interest.

Val accuses Holly of spending more time with Vince than Henry when Vince helps her set up Val’s barbecue on the terrace. Val stops the wedding at the last minute because Rick has some fears of commitment, but ends up blaming Holly for ruining her wedding. Holly and Val’s father, Jack, comes to visit, and Holly and Val compete to impress him.

Meanwhile, Val and Lauren get into a fight because Lauren’s new boyfriend likes Val better and invites her out for drinks. Unfortunately, nearly all of Holly’s attempts go awry and it begins to look like she might have to resign herself to moving to Japan. Tina gets a job alongside Holly by taking advantage of her female attributes.


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As a result, Holly almost accompanies Ben on his concert tour. After learning she has married her old boss Vic, Val wants out of her new marriage. Wilah hits on an attractive nurse while Val and Lauren fight over a cute doctor.

Holly thinks Vince is spending too much time at work with Robyn, who has been trying to steal Vince away.

Holly becomes pals with Jeff’s ex-girlfriend Dana Rebecca Gayheartdespite Jeff’s warnings that such a relationship could be troublesome. After Henry overhears Holly discussing her feelings about Vince with Val, he quickly takes off and ignores all her phone calls.

Meanwhile, Lauren fakes her birthday so that Val will take the day off to episodr and have fun. After Vic is injured episodde a big fire in Soho, Val wonders if she can handle worrying about Vic’s job all the time and they end up confessing their love to each other.

However, Vince tags swason and confesses to Holly that still wants to be more than friends. Holly is finally ready for her first time, but Gary frightens Vince with all the pressure that lies on him. Lauren treats the girls to a spa vacation before Val’s wedding, but they have trouble leaving when the wily is locked down during a SWAT team search for two escaped convicts believed to be in the area.

Holly has a dream where Vince confesses his feelings for her and they kiss. Rick’s mother, who doesn’t like Val, visits and Val tries to fix her her favorite dinner of mutton stew. Val and Rick kiss on the balcony.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic – Season 1 Episode 1

Holly and Vince fight over whether it is okay to share other people’s secrets while being in a relationship. Meanwhile, Gary competes with his girlfriend Jill when she is hired as a waitress at Jeff’s restaurant.


Val is already on her way to the altar when Holly finally gets to tell her. Holly drops out of college and starts to work for Gary’s singer girlfriend Danielle Tamyra Gray as a manager.

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When Holly tries to confess, she blames Tina instead. After they reunite him with his daughter which doesn’t go too wellhe still refuses to let Val and Holly have his loft, but he offers them another loft in the same building. Holly thinks she made a big mistake by not being honest with Ben about his new song, only to find out he’s not been totally honest himself, but eventually tells him that she loves him.

When Holly gets annoyed with Val and her work space, Val looks at other places for her office. Vince thinks Holly is together with Henry again and plans to leave for Florida while Holly stows away in his car in hopes of confessing her love peisode him.

Although it seems to Val and everyone else that they had sex, Holly assures them that they didn’t and she realizes that she has feelings for Vince.

Holly returns home from Paris with Ben, a Epiaode musician. Meanwhile, Val attempts to play matchmaker for a woman who always eats alone at Jeff’s restaurant, and the woman ends up kissing Jeff. Lists of American sitcom television series episodes. In the end, all the Tyler family secrets come out in the open and everyone hangs out as normal. Meanwhile, Lauren distracts Peter when she and Val find themselves in competition with this former boss of theirs wpisode the new account.