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It also lists the Release Date as Q4 Power yourself up and knock opponents out of the way with special items as you race to the finish! And Boo is holding a mushroom like an item. Not to mention, good web designers try to avoid as much horizontal scrolling as possible when designing websites, because horizontal scrolling barely, if ever works at all when it comes to displaying text-based information, because information gets ridiculously hard to read when it’s horizontal scrolling. The article is a work in progress, but by the time we reach the characters section, things look ugly. The preceding unsigned comment was added by I was searching through Gamestop.

If there are any edits that will improve the article’s quality even further, make them. For example, Pokemon X and Y are release on October 12th but it shows 10 on that page because it’s the 10th month, like November is the 11th. If you wish to discuss the article, do so in a new header below the proposal. Current layout is indeed very bad and I’m not fond at all of the inconsistent width that gives undue prominence to the Perilous Palace Path cell. Watcher of Game talk. I was searching through Gamestop. I don’t even understand your argument. I looked some where once and I saw that it would be released on November

The release date on the page is incorrect. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Umoria talk. Please use the Mario Boards to talk about Mario Party: I’d do it myself but I don’t have the game. The only solution to make it better would be to split it in half and put the second part below the first part. Now, BPP is taking up too much space by stretching across the entire bottom, with most of it being an empty background.

Rosalina is on the gameboard of the box art though of course she was seen on the side of the space themed rocket wiiriiketopray race but still she’s on the game board. It would be a stub, with not much partg information than what game it’s from, the board it’s used on, and its effect. And Boo is holding a mushroom like an item. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Please do not edit any of the sections in the proposal.


Oh ok, I’m just new at this. A big bother I think is also that Bowser’s Peculiar Peak takes up the most space; I think that if it were to be like this, the honour would go to Perilous Palace Path, as it also has a bigger box in the game.

Wiiriketopfay with broken file links Settled talk page proposals Unresolved talk pages.

Make any sense to you? There are conflicting reports that the items should not redirect to their inspiration items, though I think they should.

It also lists the Release Date as Q4 This talk page proposal has already been settled. If this wliriketopray scrolling is a problem for here, then it might as well be the central problem for the entire wiki Mario Party: Does this count as trivia? Well if they’re not playable, then epksode are they on the box art that wouldn’t make sense and I agree, Bowser Jr. I think that he is, no signs of him in any minigames or boards First place is the worst place in this reverse race.

Mario Party 9 Minecraft videos – dailymotion

I haven’t read that many articles. I don’t think I can change it though. If someone could help add those, that would be great. You will need the most Mini Stars to win this gameā€”no matter how fast you finish! On mobile and shorter screens, there is no side-scrolling, thus the table cuts itself off, rendering the right parts of the table inaccessible to those viewers and thus, losing information.


When I made this chart, I intentionally put PPP across the top to match the menu settings, as all the other boards also corresponded with where they were on the menu. And I cannot fix this because the page is protected.

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The first one is the intro of Shy Guy’s Shuffle City, and should be uploaded under the file name of “File: Is it the coloring? Should you go for the glory or hide out? Actually the drum one might be “Musical Snares”, because a screenshot of the characters on bumber balls on a drum can be seen in the Nintendo Direct footage. And we could put the template that means unknown name! And according to this flyer, it’s coming out on November 22nd in America. For example, Pokemon X and Y are release on October 12th but it shows 10 on that page because it’s the 10th paty, like November is the 11th.

Mario Party Board List page. I will use my computer to translate the names. This is a sample to what my new proposed table will look like. Watcher of Game talk.

When formatting information, you need to make a compromise between nice-looking tables for one device and usability on the other, and I think this table straddles on the usability. In the direct I saw that a minigame similar to the ball minigame in Mario Party 2 wasn’t it?

I’ll keep looking around to see if I can find anything. This is not a forum for discussions about Mario Party: Please try to help and resolve the issue by leaving a comment.