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When Mike first spoke to Ed outside the workshop about the gearbox he said; “When you find top gear it sounds all whiney” Or, am I being too much of a typical Daily Mail reader and putting far too much emphasis on a throwaway comment. Detracting from the fact that Mike Brewer supposedly came on this forum and bigged up the Skyline with very little knowledge, I think they achieved what they set out to do. I love to learn little snippets and see the progress. I know this is years late but this car had a clean MoT in November To be fair, apart from the shitty wing that was fitted it looked OK. Originally Posted by Bayside33 epic fail. We all know modifying your car means spending some serious amount of dosh, which you will not see as resale value.

South East Staffordshire Joined: Best wishes for a great holiday season and a healthy and safe new year. Thanks for the link. Setting up the car properly engine, brakes or 2. I’am the Marshal Future club member? S3 to S4 was an issue. In contrast, I used to own a Lotus Esprit S3.

The circumstances could occur but generally don’t.

Latest News BMW i8: Might punt a cheeky offer for a laugh. BB code is On.

Where to get complete episodes of “Wheeler dealers”

Is it just me or does it look like they’ve filmed this new episode with a camera phone? I really enjoyed watching the show. May I thank everyone for their good wishes. To me the completed car just didn’t look right; I know some late S3s came with varying specs and mine came with the stromberg bonnet, but that one looked like someone really wanted an S4 but only had an S3.


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I also think this program will have helped with sales of our cars. Originally Posted by Resetter Uploaded it to youtube if anyone missed it ; http: Its here as well http: How interesting with the bumper damage – she should have stuck to her price then! The origional Advans looked crap. Wheeker Club Member Joined: Page 12 of Just watched the episode on YouTube as I don’t have Discovery. RedVetteHead wrote View Post: Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

Brian ,just heard about your ticker ,all the best and a speedy recovery, thanks for your help in the past. This could mislead the inexperienced. For anyone who has not yet seen it, I noticed that the Delorean episode of Wheeler Dealers is scheduled to be repeated tonight at 7pm Eastern time on The Velocity Channel as part of an all day marathon of the series.

They are not on this forum constantly, like us. Was he fired for never cracking a smile? It used to be, cealers they pulled it for copyright I guess. Wonderful things do happen in TV land. Hmmm, I thought they were being reasonably straight with that car.


Right car, right colour, all the bits needed to finish the work and all at a bargain price too and just minor fettling into the bargain! Matching numbers, new paint job, refurbed hood, new shiny bits all around plus hardtopper, electrics sorted, brakes wgeeler and new interior!

Originally Posted by bigchief. I wish someone would put it on YouTube as we don’t get velocity in Canada. You are probably on the wrong website.

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Lordbenny 7, posts months. Replacing core plug on block Taking Toad for a hop. Well DoneGreat appreciating asset.

It will inspire people though. It was Edd last year at the NEC who confessed that the work shown on the yellow ’57 Belair wasn’t even a tenth of what they actually had to do and it was a bad zeason for them. Browse cars for sale.

All in all, a good techy car programme with just enough light hearted humour. We all know modifying your car means spending some serious amount of dosh, which you will not see as resale value.