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I suggest putting the remote Reset button in the rear of the keyboard case, and a little recessed. Each group of the library con- tains words designed for a particular applica- tion. Or remove all printer codes with the fol- lowing changes: Editing is super simple with the cursor. Normally same day turn- around is accomplished It is necessary to have a Rieturn Miatenal lAiulhonzation lo insure speedy service. While having fun you will learn about the inside of robots, integrated circuitry, and logic. I am a teacher and I’m looking for a grade book program and a good screen dump program that works on a DMP Here is our first of many listening pro- grams to come.

Top row, from right to left: Prep the patient by carefully peeling back the outer skin label, locate the joining screw and remove it. I added a section that calculates the mean and median for each test. I hope you enjoy Evictor, and may you never get zapped by an ornery tenant. I also suggest running the Reset and Ground lines so you can put a remote Reset button on the lap keyboard. Narrow text can be automatically spread out. White for a hint many months ago about using 3 by 5-inch cards and a recipe box for hints and short program notes.

Hook up all the cables, plugs, drives, computer, etc.

Clearly, these are team pictures! There are empty spaces in your 32K and 64K CoCo. Cool and stylish sport watch.

Lines can be of any width and made of any color or texture. Line numbers higher than can be pro- cessed, but in the printout only the four right-hand digits are printed. The OS-9 opera nd the high level languages ake the job easy. Easily customized to the number of drives in the system. An order form from a recent issue indicating the back issues you wish to receive should accompany this order. Your mailing label also shows an “account number” and the subscription expiration date.



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They’re really great for enhancing your work without effort. Yes, we’re proud of how far we’ve come, and we’re excited about the road ahead.

It also provides a reasonable facsimile of THE rainbow logo. Even a child who can’t read will enjoy CoCo Max. Questions may be directed to Mr. With our own in- house design staff, typesetting operation, subscription and support services and even our own camera room, our editorial operation can create, launch and maintain a wide variety of publishing interests.

In short, you have to know something about assembly to hand- assemble some programs. The first screen has eight Vies on it. In another Wede used a Model I shell as the keyboard case. If any readers have an operator’s manual they’d like to part with or photocopy for me, I’d like to hear from them.

Created with basic, this well-known persona takes first prize. This page was last updated: If not, would someone be interested in writing one?

Letters may be edited for purposes of clarity or space. Since Rainbow Check PLUS counts spaces and punctuation, be sure to type in the listing exactly the way it’s given in the magazine. Need help in calculating your personal budget, cash management, inven- tory analysis, income-tax prepara- tion, or any other complicated computational courses?


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A fixed hook address, RAM addresswas chosen. Canadian rates are U. But experience has shown that there is no problem when the keyboard is separated by less than eight feet of cable. Top row, from right to left: An order form for this service is on the insert card bound in the magazine.

I have a 64K CoCo 2 tape system. VCR Magazine, our venture outside the computer realm, is scarcely five months old but is already up to qeide, issues monthly.

Because of the location of the ML routine that contains the error- processing routine, establishing an acceptable hook address is no trivial matter.

We’ve got classic programs for every taste! The disk version is shipped on 5 full disks.

When you lose the three evictors, the game ends. WqtchProspect, KY To order by phone credit card orders only call8 a.

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If you do not have a type satch board, the tape should also cover the hole for pin 24 of the old pin socket See Figure 2. Its blinding speed will astound you. If you are using an older CoCo, you will find the connector on the CoCo mother board is a little easier to use.