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A shy visitor from the streets of South Africa arrives in the UK to visit the land of the funders who saved him from disappearing down the dark rabbit hole of the Durban streets. The most special prizes. Surfers Fight Global Warming. There will be fun edutainment for the little ones, while the big fish can enjoy craft beers and goodies from the food stalls. Art Exhibition Poster Mon, 7 December The eye woman arrives in the artowrk of the festival for the first time. Various Cape Town Price: Labia Cinema, Thurs 7 Dec, 20h In the winter of , we took a group of top British surfers on a trip to northern Scotland.

Feet in the water. Can plastic packaging ever be truly sustainable? The sixth Wavescapes Surf Film Festival screens 16 films in 22 slots with two extra shows of the Drifter, making for a total of surf films showing 24 times. The eye man continues on his morphing journey through the sixth edition of the Wavescapes Surf Film Festival. Labia Cinema, Fri 8 Dec, 18h Daniel Alli and Louise Leeson Info:

Wavescape Surf Film Festival 2015

More and more young Chinese pursue their own dreams and seek a higher degree personal freedom. Home to one of the most epic lefthanders in the world, this unpretentious little film wavewcape a visual ode to Raglan. So he travels with his shaper Thomas Bexon to a faraway island to try to build a board that will cure his sleep surfing syndrome.

Achmat Hussiem had a fil swimming career with dreams of representing South Africa, but this all changed on 13 August when he met Scarlet.

Wavescape Surf Film Festival

Interviews 10 Questions Cape Confidential. This is sudf baby boy that lay next to him on the operating table 14 years ago, the baby that changed his life and set this whole project in motion.


The shark grabbed dilm leg and started pulling him down, dragging him from away from help and hope. The films explore the relationship between humans and nature where people push various boundaries, from conquering frigid water and gargantuan waves to exploring the most remote surfing locations in the world. South African artists are on board for a unique exhibition and charity auction that brings surfers and sharks together this summer.

Not only that, but he is also a talented surfer with an endearing and honest approach to life.

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The ocean is a fearsome and dangerous place or a limitless world of fun, freedom and opportunity. Please let us know if you would like to attend by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots.

Tickets are available via Webtickets. This is the story of Rachel, an Australian surfer who follow family roots to live in the mountains despite her passion for surfing. Want your event to gain fame and a following? Your guide to nightclubs and bars in Perhaps the most dangerous stunt ever attempted in kiteboarding this death defying leap from m breaks the Guinness World Record for the highest kiteboarding jump of all time he set the previous at 90m.

Labia Cinema, Fri 8 Dec, 18h Friendship in the places where the proximity of death, most affirms the life within us.

Labia Cinema, Thurs 7 Dec, 20h Slow Sunday lunch by the lake. A shy visitor from the streets of South Africa arrives in the UK to visit the land of the funders who saved him from disappearing down the dark rabbit hole of the Durban streets.

Clifton 4th Beach, Sat 2 Dec, 20h00; Labia Cinema, Sun 10 Dec, 20h00 Six surfers set sail along the frozen shores of Iceland, knowing that the worst storm to hit the country in 25 years is about to arrive.


In constant darkness and stormy seas, they discover perfect waves and make history by surfing under the northern lights. From Saturday, 26 November to Thursday, 8 Decemberthis electric line-up of short- and feature-length films, art exhibitions and seminars will hang ten in the Mother City, promoting ocean conservation.

The resulting works of art are then showcased and auctioned off on the evening of Tuesday, 29 November to raise money for ocean conservation and surf-related non-profit organisations.

However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. Everything you need to know about calling internationally, chatting locally, One of the most radically talented mult-disciplined waterman Kai Lenny goes with some of the best in the world for a unique wave-riding journey. Login Register Get surf report. fillm

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Ice Board Highlights Global Warming. Labia Cinema, Fri 8 Dec, 20h Art surfboards raise record Rk Thu, 10 December About surfers, artists, fundis and luminaries pulled into the Wavescape Surf Art charity auction to raise a record R, He danced on the sea like no one else and soared across the night sky like a angry meteorite.

Wavescape Surf Film Festival Surf-inspired outdoor movie screenings, art wavsecape and slide nights splash onto the Mother City summer social scene Aloha summer socialites! He exuded authentic originality, like a cross between James Dean and Andy Warhol.