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Knowing that Justin could become the family wizard, Alex studies with help from Harper. He gets annoyed and then uses magic to put her into the mirror. The Russos’ haunted house has been lame every year, mostly because Justin insists that they focus on safety and making the right decisions to avoid being “haunted” by them later in life. She then casts a spell to make sparks fly between them, which literally happens when they touch. Meanwhile, Max tries to separate himself from his conscience because he thinks that he is trying to steal his mother. Edit Storyline Alex tries to get out of Harper’s parents’ act! Alex shrinks herself down to fit in the doll house to use as her own art studio, but Jerry and Theresa give the doll house away to a little girl named Olive, with Alex still in it.

Finkles ” on Amazon. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Meanwhile, Harper Jennifer Stone meets Alex at the front door while pointing at her watermelon shirt. Shakira as herself Guest stars: The government finds out that the Russo family are wizards, and takes them into custody to find out more. Realizing his mistake, Justin tries to fix it by trying to find three other monsters. Justin, Max, and Alex flash to the location of the wolf, and learn that it is indeed Mason. Both relationships end badly, with Juliet being transformed to look her real age and Mason turned permanently into a wolf.

Alex then goes to the wizard world and gets three real but only mildly scary ghosts, following her father’s orders.

Soon Alex recombines the two Justins, but the duplicate Justin takes over the mind of the regular Justin, leaving Alex to fix the problem. Share this Rating Title: Austin as Max Russo. Laritate, Austin Butler as George.

Dan Benson as Zeke Absent: Austin has an orange which turns into a vanilla cupcake. Alex and Harper go back to the wizard world and get “Mantooth”, the scariest ghost from the wizard world who used to scare Justin at night.

This finoles ends onlibe a cliffhanger and is resumed in the season 4 opener, “Alex Tells The World”. Retrieved from ” https: Bill Chott as Mr. Both relationships end badly, with Juliet being transformed to look her real age and Mason turned permanently into a wolf. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.

Wizards of Waverly Place Season 3 Episode 23 Wizards vs Finkles

Upset that she never really won anything on her own, Alex decides to let Harper do all the contests again from the past in order to have the opportunity to win without the aid of magic, though things go wrong when Harper proves to be completely wavfrly in everything. Alex and Stevie become friends, much wahch Harper’s dismay.


Max and Alex are both interrogated by Agent Lamwood and Scientist One, but both refuse to say anything.

Maria Canals Barrera as Theresa Russo. Cohen as Swiss Army Elf. The Russo’s happiness at saving Juliet is cut short when it is discovered that Juliet and Wizagds dated one another three centuries ago, and the situation worsens when Mason impulsively blurts out that he still loves her.

“Wizards of Waverly Place” Wizards vs. Finkles (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Harper tells Alex that Stevie is a wizard after Harper sees Stevie use a wand, with Stevie erasing her memory, which Alex helps Harper regain.

After Alex is punished for one of her schemes in order to go on the class trip to Europe, she defiantly steps into a magical mirror and her world instantly becomes all about her. Justin, Max, and Juliet follow them.

Alex is seen telling Harper that after it was all over, they would still be friends. Meanwhile, Alex meets a teenage wizard named Stevie Nichols Hayley Kiyokowho generals the same personality as Alex. Dan Benson as Zeke. Jerry Russo Daniel Benson Marty Finkle Alan Safier However, Justin has moved on with help from Harper and Alex, who has resumed her relationship with Mason after “country magic” restores if to human form.

Before this happens, however, Alex successfully locates the necklace and puts it on Mason, which proves that he does indeed love her. Alex sets Harper up with Justin’s best friend Zeke for the school science fair.

Wizards vs. Finkles

Finklfs does convince him to move on after revealing herself. Wizards of Waverly Place — During the fight, Juliet bites Mason and is scratched by him in turn: Justin attempts to fulfill a number of achievements he thinks make up a successful senior year at high school, including joining the basketball team, being elected student body president, hosting a big party, and winning the science fair with a water powered engine. During this, it is discovered that, when Max cast the spell that set monsters running loose in an idiotic attempt to sabotage Justin’s monster hunting, one of the escaped monsters is said mummy, thus making Max himself indirectly responsible for both Juliet’s kidnapping and the deaths of all of the other monster hunters.

This is the first season of the series to be broadcast in high-definition. To Alex it does not matter, because she still has her only true friend Harper, who was, is, and plce always be there for Alex until the very end.


Alex and Harper find out that Max has a girlfriend named Nancy, but has been keeping it a secret so not to get embarrassed by his wavfrly. After Harper’s lunchtime Shakespeare impressions are a total bust, Alex and Stevie ask Justin to hire a rock band to play at lunchtime. Theresa Russo credit only David DeLuise Austin continue to compete to become the leading wizard in their family and meet many friends and adversaries along the way.

Alex now feels the need to step her training skills with a little help from Harper who now lives with the Russos. Meanwhile, Alex, in an attempt to sabotage Obline increasingly good behavior and gain a better chance at winning the wizard competition, has Harper separate Conscience from Max, and Max’s behavior becomes increasingly horrific; however, she quickly rushes to fix the problem when Jerry informs her that Conscience will become his own person if he is separated from Max for too long.

She becomes suspicious and follows him wizardx night. Harper tells Alex about how she always wore eccentric, flashy clothing but Alex wasn’t afraid to be seen with her at all and the same should go for Mason. Meanwhile, Max performs a spell that separates his conscience from himself. The Movie The Wizards Return: Harper’s parents comes to town to audition for a gig as a train vaudeville act in Romania.

Realizing his mistake, Justin tries to fix it by trying to find three wizrads monsters. Justin signs up for Monster Hunting after he masters his 5,th spell. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as the Russo family wonder what to do and whether Alex is right in saying they should reveal to the world that wizards exist to save their fellow wizards. As Justin is continuously getting annoyed by Alex breaking aaverly his room and stealing things, he decides to create a female Frankenstein’s monster to act as a ‘body guard’ and names her “Franken Girl”.

Arriving at the museum, Justin and Juliet end up getting trapped in an exhibit with a soundproof plastic window, leaving them unable to call for placee and the window itself immune to Justin’s magic.