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I thought the first episode of ’88 was alright. Pete Versus Life Series Child Genius Series This Is England ’86 was trailed like mad last year and there were big posters for it on hoardings and on the London Underground. Your nickname or email address: Kabul Kitchen Series 1. Smell’s his first girlfriend. Dec 16, at

Today on All She pays a visit to Combo in prison. Warp Records Newsletter Contact. On Demand Now On Soon. No I’m across the pond. Share This Page Tweet.

Watch Shaun stare into the ocean at the end of the movie – this is everything you need to know about this film. The Undateables Box Set Series Such powerful acting i cried at the last two episodes.

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How social unrest and Chicago’s…. This Is England ’86 Series 1. I thought the first episode of ’88 was alright. I hadn’t seen acting quite that hammy in a long time No dates currently scheduled.

One Born Every Minute 8 Series. Meadows is at his best when he pares things back and lets the tragedy and humour speak for themselves. Today on All This was all phenomenal, partly because you feel the actors thoroughly love and suffer with their deeply etched characters.


Kabul Kitchen Series 1. I know others have said this all already, but the series was at two complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Stone Cold Jane Austen. Wisely he didn’t take sides but let passionate pro- englqnd anti- proselytisers speak their stuff.

Sep 9, Messages: Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy Series Chewing Gum Series 1. Of all the ways to include that character in the series, that must be the worst.

Understandable seeing how the memory of him haunts her, but why so often repeated, and why such an extended scene of him sitting alone in a church, after Lol leaves, as if he’s an actual living breathing character?

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Dec 15, englanc It was like watching Jeremy Clarkson going shopping. Lol, gorgeous troubled Lol, her hair now raven, is haunted by the murder of her abusive father and both blessed and cursed with baby Lisa. And not only is that process so incomprehensibly cruel when encountered by the human mind, but it is also a part of “growing up”, which the protagonist Shaun is in the process of doing englanf his fathers death.


Whose Line Is It Anyway? This fine film culminated in her performing beautifully at an open mic gig, hardly a tic in sight. Is England also growing up?

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We no longer support this version of Internet Explorer. I’m particularly worried for Lol herself and always kinda got the feeling she’d end up being murdered somehow.

Plus it’ll never not annoy me that Combo’s violent nationalist mate who stood tgis whilst he assaulted Wtach, is just part of the gang now. Nov 30, at 9: Not the sporting life but scum yes, scum is the same director as made in Britain I believe, very good very brutal, Ray Winstone is fantastic. Misfits Box Set Series Very harsh, touching, and weirdly psychological.