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Nuts and butts, Morrow. Look, it’s it’s got no numbers on it. Well, I heard the marshal’s been pulling some serious favors to keep Clay whole and away from Pope’s kill squad. Not about me anymore. And our other piece of business? Wayne Unser Kim Coates Speaking of Bobby, now we see Bobby at a diner with the others that he has been recruiting to patch out with him.

You are too smart to go down like this. Clarence ‘Clay’ Morrow Jimmy Smits As far as the weapon goes, we’ve identified it as an older, pre, KG-9 submachine gun. Gemma saw Clay yesterday, ran into an ex-marshal, Toric. I was with him in the warehouse when they cut your brother loose. I guess I’ve been doing it for so long I’m afraid how bad it gets if I stop.

Add the first question. Oh, crap…I smell a set up coming. Matthew Jennings’ mother’s missing.

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In the background you can hear the shower running. Well, let’s go find out. All three of sa attack Clay. We like pussy that slants a little to the right. East dock, slip Jackie boy, you need to call Bobby. Look, I’m not playing you, man.


She asks him if Clay signed the affidavit. She asks him if he saw Clay. Jax can see another war possibly arising with the Iranians, and sao Tig could start more trouble at any point so must be neutralized. Before leaving, we get a brief glimpse of the present that Toric is leaving for housekeeping.

Sons of Anarchy s06e03 Episode Script

It’s smart for you. She tells him it is a form that covers her in case he decides to go rogue. He’s datch one that processed her arrest. I assume you have a gun.

Amir admits to shooting up the bakery, and reminds them that it was the club who crashed their studio and scared away their girls. Are we all settled now? So say what you got to say.

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap ‘Poenitentia’

Special investigator is a week-to-week gig. Byz-lat ties are buried. What do you tell him?

Just get it done. Clay had been oozing guilt since the season started and this episode was no different. I digress to an question I have asked many times before; What in the holy heck is wrong with this man? Protecting your outlaw legacy for as long as you can.


And I said no. Meanwhile, Clay is about to be processed at Stockton. What’s going on with Clay?

Everything that went down I get it. Same hate you got for Clay for killing your wife. He holds up the piece of paper in his hand, not saying a word. Kia would never just walk away from his family. Sons of Anarchy — He has on a pair of gloves and is gently touching the girl he killed and left in the tub.

You’re gonna Um – Oh. Am I talking to myself here or what?

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I’ll walk you out. Jax signed off on you putting this thing together? How’s that working out for you?