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Larry Grayson William ‘Billy’ Benedict Tiger Woman starring the beautiful Linda Stirling is another excellent one. Maghreb – Vultura’s High Priest [Chs. Also in the cast are George J. When approached by Republic about acting its serials, Aldridge initially viewed it as a step down from her feature player days, but Aldridge discovered the benefits of making good money and holding lead roles in the chapter plays. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Edit Did You Know? My Favorite Movie Serials.

Going over a cliff in a chariot, lying on a sacrificial altar while a swinging blade gets closer and closer, being blown out of a wind tunnel built into the side of a cliff, and picking herself up and dusting herself off for the next step of the adventure. Douglas Campbell Robert Strange Opposing them are Vultura, Queen of the Desert, and her Arab ally Cassib, both greedy for the treasure I still have them along with a workable beta machine. He disappeared for a while, then had a big role again at the end. He regains his memory and joins the expedition to find the lost tablets. The plot is simple enough. John Spencer Georges Renavent

It is she, of course, who gets into a serious scrape at the end of every chapter. Lhoba – Tuareg High Priest [Chs.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Nyoka joins the expedition while attempting to find her lost father, oc the beautiful Arab ruler Vultura and her cutthroat servants seek the tablets and the riches that accompany them for herself and will do anything to beat Nyoka to the treasure. And by the way, that alternate title? The “McGuffin” in this film is the Lost Tablets of Hippocrates which hold the secret to curing diseases such as cancer, as well as, identifying the location of a rich treasure.


She alone can translate the papyrus, which directs our heroes through deadly perils including the Tunnel of Bubbling Death into the land of the Tuaregs. Edit Did You Know?

Perils of Nyoka Part10 Treacherous Trail

Unbeknownst to them, Italian official Count Torrini Tris Coffin feeds information to the evil Vultura Lorna Gray who works with her loyal followers to wrest the papyrus, the tablets of Hippocrates, and its treasure from them. So this one had a hard act to follow. Archived Entry Post Date: He disappeared for a while, then had a big role again at the end. We Are Cult News, reviews and interviews devoted to all things cult! As with all Republic serials, the stunt work is superb.

This site uses cookies. Use the HTML below. I remember the Nyoka comic books from the 40s and 50s, and they had all of the above. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Ahmed – Arab Henchman Kenne Duncan While a huge fight is going on in the next cave.

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Aldridge grew up an impoverished child in Virginia who became a John Powers model in New York and then an actress in Hollywood.

Voices From The Balcony Movies, and some other stuff. Republic serials perills the best of the best. Professor Campbell’s expedition into the hills of Libya obtains a psrils which might reveal the hiding place of the Golden Tablets of Hippocrates, containing lost medical secrets.


Pre-Cancer Centers of America? Needless to say they find the tablets.

The latter film is widely regarded as one of the best serials of all time. Submit your film and get it shown at the festival that runs for 4 times a year in the heart of downtown Toronto at the Carlton Cinemas. Kay Aldridge plays Nyoka as a fresh-faced debutante straight out of finishing school with a formal accent that is hard to describe, but in wztch it sounds something like this: He regains his memory and joins the expedition to find the lost tablets.

Perils of Nyoka is an action-packed cliffhanger classic that chronicles the efforts of an African expedition to locate wtch fabled lost Tablets of Hippocrates, golden artifacts that contain a cure for cancer.

Watch Perils of Nyoka hereunder its re-released title, Nyoka and the Tigermen. I would have been ten.

The Art s of Slow Cinema The only site dedicated to slow films. Ahmed – Arab Henchman. And more couth, too.

Perils of Nyoka Part1 Desert Intrigue

Not a single tiger in this movie. Was this review helpful to you?

There’s enough treasure here to open a chain of cancer centers across America. Nyoka finds her father who has amnesia and has been leading an arab tribe noyka the Tuaregs.