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I get a little anxious sometimes. Daniels has been missing his puddings for the past six weeks. Don’t you think that’s a pretty committable thing? Have you, are you crazy? How’d she take it? Edit Cast Credited cast: Of course add your twist to it as you see fit. And truth is negative is a positive.

Monique does beautiful work. So that table over there, last one to that table buys dinner how ’bout that? You know I like this, it’s no problem. Oh this is good. Believe what I tell you. This is a loving memory of Frankie McCallpepper? A lot of guys wouldn’t even consider taking care of they elders.

Dwayne was fine, I thought you two were set. The simple answer is I haven’t met the right woman yet. That’s what I’m talking about. You know, it’s not every day that the two women that you’re dating just so happen to know each other.

You had me speaking in tongues, I thought you were about to, well. So much time in front of the mirror. Despite what them sexy late night TV shows tell you, two women’s and one man ain’t exactly how God intended things to be you know? Well help a brother out, can I get a yes, can I get a maybe? Okay now what I was trying to say before you interrupted me.


Okay but there’s a complication with that one. I’m still working on that part. I just wanted to personally apologize to Kimberly for the nail polish mishap. Calvin, dinner was the bomb, thank you.

Same goes for you. Outrighfeous placed a bet on who could win him. Okay, I took full responsibility for Mrs. And you swore up and down that Simone was trying to hook up. Some mighty fine work you doing son, mighty fine work. The hat, I didn’t recognize you, wow, hi.

Girl I am so happy to see you. I know we’ve been through a lot, whatever we’ve been through all I onlinee is me and you, we’ve always been friends so. I outrightwous know what you in to, I don’t know what you’re up to or whatever it is, it’s cold.

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You’re welcome, thank you guys. I don’t know about you. They must be blocked out in your room. Okay we both know that this thing has gone way out of hand. I couldn’t of done this luncheon without you two. I wanna get to know you better.

So you know, everybody, I just wanna tell you I’m very sorry.

Come on, El, El. I meant, I’m sure he’s fine.

Do y’all get my mini? So what brings you to LA?


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You’d be a fool to let her walk away from you. When the world gives you lemons make lemonade.

But you can keep that spaghetti coming you know. Henry’s hair and Ms. It was three years of community theater. But he’s coming in between our friendship and I don’t wanna lose that. You know, I’m sure God is watching over him right now. Better outrihhteous Hebrew boy got casts into the fiery furnace. Monique does beautiful work.

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I’m having outrigteous hard time, like Jesus, Jesus. Oytrighteous I’m here to apologize, Simone, I’m a changed man. It’s a bad joke. Excellent recs and work. I haven’t seen you dotting no I’s or crossing no T’s lately. My proud little anvil. Purchase you a new one. I’ll give it to you for five. Spice things up a bit. Thank you, yes, I’ll see you tonight.

Angela, I mean she’s gonna be sad but she’ll get over it.