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This is the story of the search for what is really in life, but greed and deceit lead her down the wrong path. Mohammad Asif Directed by: Copyright c Lahori Craze. They want her to stay in the same house in isolation or else it would bring a bad name to the family thus failing to realize that our own religion Islam has given the woman her due right to re-marry. To maintain their traditional ways, the couple gets their son and daughter married into Pakistani families. Syed Tanveer Alam Cast: Lyrics of Humsafar Drama Tiltle Song.

Browsing All Articles 26 Articles. She keeps a strict check on Siffat completely isolating her from the rest of the world. Humsafar Hum Tv Drama Story: Abiz Raza Written By: This story revolves around this concept with the lead character being Siffat who is 21 years old and is married to Haider. She is mistreated by her step-mother, and even a reunion with her grandfather does not bring her the happiness she was hoping for. As she takes advantage of those who are drawn to her because of her youth and beauty, she manages to push those who truly love her further and further away. Caught in the middle of a web of jealousy, obsession and selfishness is a young woman trying to fulfill both her own dreams and the expectations of her family.

Just living is not enough. What kind of chaos does Soha go through? Browse the Latest Snapshot.

Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of See how the story further develops and takes a turn with both Raza and Faris supporting Siffat while their mother and others turn completely against them.


The question is will their love be strong enough to see them through? Kiran meanwhile is also under pressure from her family to marry within the family as has always been their custom. While his two sisters-in-law secretly have him singled out as a possible groom for their respective sisters.

Here are some of innovative creations. She keeps a mer check on Siffat completely isolating her from the rest of the world.

Life quotesquotataions Reactions: A serial with a storyline that’ll leave you enthralled on every turn! To find out, watch, Bilquees Kaur. A brand new laptop from Toshiba follows your eyes to generate a 3D image so you can throw away those ugly 3D glasses.

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Wednesday, November 23, New Innovative Creation. Owais Khan Produced By: Driven by passionate and compelling characters, this is a cautionary tale with surprising twists at every turn.

When your face goes outside the screen’s range, it automatically switches to 2D so you can still watch it! This story revolves around this concept with the lead character being Siffat who is 21 years old and is married to Haider. Claim or contact us about this channel. Bilqees Kaur is the story of Bilquees and Iqbal Bhatti, a Pakistani-origin couple with a conservative lifestyle that has been living in New York for 30 years.

Weeda has a passion for photography and starts liking Sanjha. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Mere Charagar Episode 7 19th Nov, Her rich colleague, Omer, marries her despite a strong opposition from his family, especially his aunt whose daughter he is engaged to. She has the right to marry the man of her choice but in our culture people usually raise fingers as they have objections on a widow marrying someone else.


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Haider has two other brothers Faris and Raza who are nice to Siffat but their mother Shamshad Baigam is a strong character who likes to give orders and wants people to do what she mdre them to do. An Evernew productions Day: Syed Tanveer Alam Cast: A serial with a storyline that will leave you enthralled on every turn!

Unwillingly, Khard leaves Ashar, but fate once more brings them together with another family-member, Hareem, playing a crucial role in the reunion. Draja of Drama Serial Charagar: Babar Javed Written By: Will Maham live her life as a down-trodden wife and daughter-in-law or will she fight for her rights?

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Finding resourceful ways to hide her true self Laure takes advantage of her new identity as if the end of summer would never reveal her unsettling secret. Story Of Mere Charagar: Watch Exclusive Episode only on Lahori-craze.

Find out where the worlds highest security locations are. At the beginning, Rafay finds it difficult to accept Abeeha as his wife.

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Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Aamir Khattak a compelling and intriguing tale of two families hail from different cultural backgrounds. Now Siffat is at the complete mercy of her mother in law. Copyright c Lahori Craze.