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You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Will Black Cloud somehow be damaged? Attack of the Drones Episode The Metajets have a priority code 9 thrown at them by Black Cloud. The team encounter what appear to be ghost jets while flying over the Neptune Islands. When they’re not protecting humanity, the pilots also compete with one another in high-flying races. A meteor threatens the planet, forcing the squad to team up with Raven to save the world. A solar eclipse prompts Raven to go after a hidden Egyptian artifact capable of activating a powerful weapon.

MetaJets Canadian teaser poster. If he loses one more race in last place he’ll lose his pro license and a spot on the Metajets. Available to Stream Watch on. However Black Cloud is planning something in the tunnels that could take out Soaring Heights permanently and give Black Cloud control of the sky forever. Zac and Trey are invited to participate in the unofficial Diabolo Debry, where the worlds top flight fighters compete for the top ranked bragging honor. Before the launch the team participates in the desert cyclone race where they learn about various controls of momentum. Opening Day Episode 2.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Little does he know Viper is also there for Black Cloud. Season 1, Episode 39 August 12, The ARC races move to a location where lightning is always in metajts sky and the only thing prtecting the pliots are a few sparse lightning rods. Night of the Living Center Episode When Raven threatens the Fontaine family for hiding a neutralizer chip and for going legit, Carmone has no choice but to turn himself over to the World Council for protection.

Trey’s jet is stolen by a female thief, who he learns is being forced to steal by a gang leader. They hope to increase the growth of London by tearing down the one wall protecting the city from being flooded, but when the Metajets are meajets in to contain them, the question everyone wants to know is which side will prevail?


Can the Metajets survive when they episoode be attacked from either side at a moment’s notice? Showbiz Boy Tripping the Rift. The New Recruit Episode 1.

A group of Sky Pirates invades a ship where the Metajets are currently signing autographs. Razor turns his back on Black Cloud after stealing one of their drone jets. The team try to infiltrate a kidnapped inventor’s high-security fortress in order to protect episodee plans from falling into Raven’s hands.

Boomer’s sentient jet infiltrates the ARC-1 carrier, forcing the team to consider destroying it. Will Black Cloud somehow be damaged? Sky Hard Episode During their unsanctioned race though Trey and company are called into action as metjaets Metajets. However the Metajets grow suspicious when the Sky-riders seem to know all the needed rescues before they begin to occur. Johnny Miller is a young pilot that has just been invited to join the ARC, but first he must defeat a top 10 ranked flyer- Zac.

Watcu the process they end up taking the two items Maggie finds most dear and sets her up against them. A crazy man named Locust arrives and stars attacking technology all over the world.

Phantom Fleet Episode However when the Metajets get sent out to face Black Cloud, Trey finds himself about to be shot down. The Upstairs Downstairs Bears Pecola.

Can the Metajets learn of this creatures existence before it’s too late? Can the Metajets learn of this potential catastrophe and put a stop to it before it’s too late, or will they lose their lives? Black Cloud steals a rocket from Maggie’s ship and makes it look like she’s firing live ammo during a practice sky dogfight.

End Game, Metajete 2 Episode On the ship Trey is finally learned to be on board, so Black Ship sets up an ambush. As a result he decides to get his revenge in the Hawaii race.


Metajets Episode 3 – City of Flight

Season 1, Episode 26 July 26, Season 1, Episode 36 August 9, When a reporter accuses Johnny of not respecting his fans because he always runs off, he has no choice but to invite his 1 fan on board ARC-1 and risk revealing his identity. Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. This time, he steals a device capable of changing the weather and plans to melt ice caverns where a benefit race is being held. The MetaJets learn their previous attacks that worked now won’t against this new swarm, but mftajets why is the Doctor asking for help from inside his own swarm?

An energy creature is released by accident and threatens to destroy a fusion reactor. Lady in Red Episode The swarm of Dr. Pilots disappear in a sky rift caused by an electromagnetic field over an island.

Season 1, Episode 21 July 19, When Black Cloud decides to turn against the Princess, the Metajets must find a way to protect not only a Princess who has proven she can’t be trusted, but also a whole nation of new race fans from being taken over.

Season 1, Episode 19 July 15, Her real intention is to visit the G. Can Trey find a way to save his parents against a former Governor gone mad? Self Destruct, Part 1 Episode Crime boss Carmone Fontaine decides to turn himself in, but Raven has other plans for the man and unleashes an army of bounty hunters to capture Fontaine. For Better or For Worse. Johnny follows them to ARC-1 and learns exactly who the Metajets are.

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