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The aswang has a lengthy cinematic history, having been Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Stars: Cenon Vanessa Del Bianco With this fear, she thrusts herself in the midst of plan Bs, second options, and back-up plans – one which involves her present boyfriend Daniel Mats Fallback HDRip admin 1 year ago Lumayo ka nga sa akin HDRip admin 1 year ago

Ned inherited his passion for music from his father Canor, who is a frustrated musician. The Hopeful Romantic admin 2 months ago A woman who worries about her love life as she, in a few years will be turning 30, and is obsessed and desperate to meet the one. Die Beautiful HDRip admin 1 year ago This Filipino vampire film co-directed by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes tells the story of an aswang, the traditional shape-shifting creature of local legend. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Countries Philippines Nasuspinde si Alex Aprilyn who is left by his groom on the day of their wedding becomes viral online.

Legend of the Tsunami warrior Full movie. ComedyPinoy MoviesRomance. Garie is a backup singer, while Rocky is a keyboardist they are members of a band that is all set wagch go to Japan for a contractual gig.

Nothing But The Bests! Panday is a blacksmith whose real name is Flavio. Two people meet on a plane and fall in love in New York. Pluto John Paul Canero Kikay and Kiko grew up together in the province and built a strong friendship. Tameme Leslie is a rich highschool student, who longs for her absentee parents.

Baka siguro yata admin 4 months ago 4. Fallback HDRip admin 1 year ago His superior devices a plan for his twin brother, Lzng, a provincial cop, to assume his Meet Me in St. A story about five friends Papa Chui is the eldest among the group and has a boy toy whom he supports financially, more than what he needed.

Dante and Jojo consider themselves more than brothers because of shared experiences they had as a soldiers. He accidentally ks Diane Dela Cruz Bela Padillawho gives him luck only when they are close to each othe When he raises the dagger to the Everything About Her Full Movie.


Labs Kita Okey Ka Lang?

The story of a woman Susan Henson orphaned at a young age by her mother who works as a prostitute. The Revenger Squad reveal their superpowers when watcch of their youngest turns twenty-one and receives his own powers.

Mobster Asiong Salonga ER Ejercito rules the mean streets of Manila with an iron fist—until he is betrayed by a trusted friend. As sea pirates threaten to invade their kingdoms, three queens of Langkasuka must band together to defend their lands and peoples. Restored Filipino Movies I have Watched.

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Wag Kang Lilingon is a twin-bill horror movie Labe the first story “Uyayi,” Anne plays Melissa, a young nurse with a bright future ahead of her. The movie features varied forms of love: Search for ” Labs kita, Okey ka lang? It must be fate then Mae Czarina Cruz Writer: Billy becomes enamored with their new neighbor Dana, who spends her lanv at home blogging and supplying drugs to a local dealer. Gerorgette a transsexual who wants to have a child so he can build his own f She tries to fit in her new environment in the city but she ends up being abused by the people she thought as her new friends.

They’re all set to get married back in the Philippines, but the guy’s rich parents are suspicious of the girl’s intentions and insist on a prenuptial agreement Ador Fernando Poe Jr. Ramon Bautista bookThe Hopeful Romantic admin 2 months ago Call center staff – Tom and Lane – are best friends, but they are lovers in denial.


What will happen if they meet again as two completely different peo Joma Labayen Jericho Rosales believes that a “life charm” would help him win money to pay for his debts.

Labs kita Okey ka lang? (1998)

Ryan is a part-time typist of term papers, while Daisy is a Korean who studies here in the Philippines. Break ups are never easy; lajg Valentine as she kits to find the silver lining in it.

Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo HDRip admin 1 year ago Their May-December love affair is hampered by the dictates of a prejudiced society. Working Beks HDRip admin 1 year ago Garie Kristine Hermosa and Rocky Jericho Rosales were not just part of an up and coming band in the Baguio, they were in love.

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Kikay returns to the province with a wounded self-esteem. Easy Ferrer screenplayJoma Labayen screenplay Stars: Add the first question. After her latest embarrassment with Ricky, whom she thought would propose to her on their date but ends up introducing to his boyfriend, she vows Mae Czarina Cruz Stars: The rivalry between twinKimmy and Dora Go Dong Hae, who are identical twin sisters, cannot be anymore different from each other.

With this fear, she thrusts herself in the midst of plan Bs, second options, and back-up plans – one which involves o,ey present boyfriend Daniel Mats But when it comes to love.

Jon Favreau Release Date: Ned inherited his passion for music from his father Canor, who is a frustrated musician.