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Ok Jung speaks with her friend Hyang Ah and asks if she has located to jealous girl from years ago who locked her in the storage. It is in their best interests to work together and there is a good chance Ok Jung can become a concubine to the King. Prince Dongpyung arrives with his usual smile and flourish and tries to get his nephew to chillax. Thanks again for the recaps. It makes me appreciate them even more. HanCinema’s Official Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Korean movies and dramas!

Queen In Kyung is embroidering and starts to feel unwell. I guess the titular reason for me tuning into to this and being more excited compared to GFB are the leads. Btw, where the heck is chi soo??? Cause in viki is taking so long to sub it. When Ok Jung and Lee Soon are alone, he jokes that the girl can give her kisses but it was stupid of her to waste money on that guy. Props to the OTP. Kwon Min Supporting Cast. Ms Koala thx you so much for the review, I do really love how this drama developing the story.

I think people probably thought she was over-hyped for someone with meh acting skill.

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In the tussle Ok Jung loses her footing and falls over the cliff into the water below. They discuss how Prince Dongpyung meets often with Lee Soon and Minister Min says he has been keeping tabs on them both.

Except RTP lost me with a terribly directed first episode and the most cringeworthy villainy since Dr. Or rather, Lee Soon spots her and pulls her over. Still Kleenex box will be next to me tonight, just in case, LOL!


Choi Soo Han Supporting Cast. And the chemistry between them is sizzle… I am not liking LS with all his other women. dramacrasy

Its fine to open up the bid as long as they win it again. That is blasphemy I say, and yet that has happened. Thank you thank you thank you so much for recapping this drama! Thank you so much for the recap! Ok Jung is clueless so had no idea what she said wrong. Now, if only the more age appropriate for me chi soo will appear…. Sign upthen a subscribe button will show up. Suddenly the light show and fireworks start and both ladies turn to look. Jung Yu Mi Supporting Cast.

Lee Soon lies that he is a Palace guard and the yangban was scared because he is close with the Crown Prince. As Ok Jung walks out, we see Lee Soon walk in. Ms Koala thx uang so much for the review, I do really love how this drama developing the story. His servants immediately perk up to eavesdrop, and both the King and Lee Soon know this conversation will be told to the ministers. He asks if all those series of coincidences watvh purposely staged by her?

Minister Min brings a box of gold and jewels to the Queen, clearly making his usual offering bribe.

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Om think he could brighten her day. I love the childhood scenes. A person suffering from small pox is brought in and little sick child collapses in front of In Kyung.


Log in with Email. Prince Boksun stares at Ok Jung and candidly admits that Jang Hyun was right, she is a beauty to topple an empire.

He wonders again why she looks familiar? Lee Soon thinks to himself that he will suck Minister Min dry and spit out his carcass, that is how he will make use of Minister Min. All the ministers are gathered in court and urging Lee Soon to bring back Minister Min and the exiled Sorons, claiming only Minister Min can bring order and stability back to the court.

It made that scene where Prince Boksun surrendered very powerful. I felt for her. So far the heart of this story is Ok Jing

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She heard Ok Jung works wonders and turned the ugliest woman into a raving beauty. In my opinion, i think it is much better for koala not to do any recapping on GFB jjang there will be a tendency of being subjective or let say. LOL, someone has a lot of pent up frustration to let off.

In Hyun talks with her father Minister Min who wants her to enter the Palace as a concubine.