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Introduction and map Follow the rat to the roof how he runs in that mask I have no idea. Once in, hack into the camera on the laptop. He was a real pain. If you’re viewing things from the right camera, you’ll also see a hack point along the wall just behind a stone column. Use your hacking abilities to disable his car if you need to, then eliminate him when he jumps out to flee. Go to the front of the building and into the newly opened door.

Get into the vehicle parked here and follow the man. What’s the Deal with The Avengers Game? The location to hack in, in the first place. Who is your favorite gamer on YouTube? Go to the front of the building and into the newly opened door. Follow the line up to the left and turn it once, then move down one point, unlock it, and turn it twice. You do not need to reach it on your own, because you can switch to the nearby camera and perform the first remote hack. Watch the TV screens here, then the door to the dance club opens.

The Defalt Condition

Ranged and close combat Types of enemies Taking damage and the consequences of dying. When you finish with those puzzles, you’ll have a view of the upper balcony and you can scan rogs camera. Access it and look up to see another camera. From here, unlock the access panel and you can now use the side door next to the main entrance to head inside.


There are a number of guards in this area, including the snipers on the distant roofs. Hack a number of people and move up stairs to the far end, turning around to see a camera to the right. Turn this once watdh move to the right and turn the other point once.

Reputation Hideouts and exploration of the city Main and side missions Earning money ctOS towers and control centers.

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Enter the Ambrose Theater discreetly Objective: Make sure you’re not far behind him. Start scanning the visitors to find the people marked in red.

You’ll find a lot of dancing people. September 25, – 4 years 5 months ago. The Ambrose Theater club is located in The Loop and, after you get there, you will have to get around the bouncer at the main entrance.

CCC: Watch Dogs Guide/Walkthrough – The Defalt Condition

Rewards for completing the mission: Rely on hacking to destroy the car that you are chasing. Is Wide-Open for Open Worlds? Instead, stand within a safe distance of the bouncer and try hacking into his phone the above screenshot.

Keep going over more boxes and up some stairs until you come back outside on the roof. Servrr run down a new hallway, and to a ladder at the end. This guide is made possible by support from a sponsor.

Watch Dogs is the property of its copyright holder s. Just focus on the careful elimination of the enemy units. Mission 4 The Defalt Condition.


The first screenshot above shows where the dgs will be oriented as you solve that first puzzle, but first you’ll have to unlock the locked ones an elbow at a time.

You’ll find some stairs you can descend toward the point marked on the mini-map. To eliminate the enemies, you can use the grenade launcher or a good rifle and, as always, it is a good idea to use gadgets and hack, to your advantage. The last person is on one of the balconies above.

Watch Dogs: The Defalt Condition – Ambrose theatre, download Defalt’s data

Once you’ve downloaded the data, you have to take out your target. Dressed in Peels Act II: Unlock the right point and turn it twice. Defalt is running away, so get into a car and chase after him. Most guests profiles will be deactivated.

Hack wwtch the camera in the nearby laptop and pan it towards the DJ, to find out that it is Defalt. Now, you will have to solve a hacking minigame. Main missions – Act V. Please click to read a valued sponsor message on this site, or click to find out how you can sponsor a guide of your own.