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Plate Armor Joan of Arc tactics: He sees another Green Beret entering the hallway and kills him before he gets a chance to respond. Ivan nods to one of the hooded Oprichniki and the horsemen begin to pull. Meanwhile, the wounded KGB agent makes his way upstairs, while CIA pursues closely, following his bloody trail to a nearby restroom. Shaka Zulu’s height and weight are not listed. It strikes his leg and forces him to the ground.

The Viking swings his axe, but is blocked by the naginata. The two remaining Musketeers hear him as they approach the rock. Realizing he has been beat, Capone slowly stands up with his hands in the air. Comanche Indian They already showed the ninja beats the samurai in the episode of Spartan vs. He is killed by the mine’s explosion while the Korean is flung into the air and killed by the deadly shrapnel. He sneers at the dead body and spits on it. Shaka tries to spit the poison at Wallace as he approaches, but Wallace turns his head away to prevent it from getting into his eyes. The Ming Warrior tries to attack the Musketeer, but is shoved aside.

He looks up and sees the Knight deadliets his morning star in hand. The Spartan uses the Shield as a wall and shoves the Samurai all the way up to a tree. The GSG9 also split up, with each team going into different buildings.

Deadliest Warrior S02E04 Aztec Jaguar Warrior vs Zande Warrior

He raises his gun up and gives a quick shout in victory. The Watcy begins to savagely hit the shield with his kanabo, and manages to chip off a portion of the shield, injuring the Viking’s arm. The Mongol counters by slashing at the Comanche’s back.

The Musketeer hears a yell and turns around, only to find the head Ming Warrior standing on a cliff above him and also armed with a Dao, swinging it wildly.

A teaser video was posted for Deadliest Warrior for the people who signed up for Warrior Den with some of the weapons for season 2. He tries to hit Shaka with his claymore, but Shaka rolls away and dodges.

BMTV Networks is one of the world’s leading creators of wargior and content across all media platforms. Vlad ducks behind wwarrior shield but is struck in the shoulder. Get Known if you don’t have an account. He slams him face first into the bars.


Joey Dillon Champion GunslingerJ. As he turns a corner, the IRA man jumps out and knocks the gun out of the Spetsnaz’s hands and throws him against a pillar. The Aztec stops in his tracks and begins spitting blood from his mouth. As his opponent falls, Washington casually cleans his sword and stares towards the horizon. The Aztec Jaguar removes his helmet, picks up eepisode Maquahuitl and begins chasing the Zande Warrior, who is now back on his feet.

To collect data on these legends of combat, the series features a fight club that consists of series regulars Geoff Desmoulin, a biomedical engineer and karate black belt who uses high-tech sensors to collect the data; ER doctor and MMA physician, Wztch.

He quickly moves to avoid the gunfire, and then pulls out the Taliban boss from the closet. The Rajput pulls out his Aara sword and whips it around. Nearby, the Comanche cautiously makes his way to the top of the ridge overlooking deadliesy valley. Crazy Horse quickly holsters his revolver and gives chase.

A final Taliban member rushes in with his own AK and tries to shoot the I.

Scythians vs the Persains. He yells “Ya Spetsnaz! The leader warriog orders in Japanese, telling two of his men to take the left flank while the rest take the right.

Deadliest Warrior, Season 2

Meanwhile, the last Russian soldier sets up his Bardiche as a mount for his Pischal, shooting and killing one of the Spaniards who shot the other soldier. He starts to viciously swing at the Spartan, but the Spartan uses his shield to cover his body and block the blows. Pol Pot empties the rest of his Tokarev ammo as Saddam drags the dead rebel inside.

Shaka then swings his iklwa and slashes across Wallace’s stomach. The Musketeer uses this moment of opportunity to pull out his Main Gauche. The Green Beret leader gets an idea and shoots out all the lights in the room with his M4A1, leaving the Spetsnaz leader in the dark.

Murmillo Helmet, Wooden Shield. William and Joan fight, with William using his physicality, size, and leverage to strike Joan fukl the chest.

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Lawrence jumps back and counters with two slashes. As the Musketeers look at his dead body while passing by, another Ming Warrior jumps out with his Dao sword and kills one of them with a strike to the neck. The agent struggles helplessly as the wire cuts into his neck, then relaxes into death and slumps against the seat. Ivan nods to one of the hooded Oprichniki and the horsemen begin to pull. The others see his bloody body and briefly mourn their dead friend before advancing toward the Ming Warriors.


He sees another Green Beret entering the hallway and kills him before he gets a chance to respond. The Taliban boss gets up and sees the rocket flying towards the trailer, leaving only enough time to scream in terror before the trailer explodes. The Ming Warrior hides behind a rock and desperately tries to reload his weapon. The third man struggles to catch up, but is stabbed from behind by Frank, who emerges from a dark closet with the Bowie knife.

The other two grab him and pull him away to safety while trying to ward off the Israeli Commandos off with gunfire. The rifleman tries to hit Lawrence with the stock of the rifle, but Lawrence ducks and counters with a slash to the Rider’s shoulder, knocking off his hat.

The remaining Pirate roars in victory and walks away. He fires back with his AK carbine and ducks for cover behind drum barrels. The Spartan jumps down from the rock and towards the Samurai, knocking the arrow away with his Spartan Shield.

All the sims are chronologically connected to each other and all take place in an alternate world. The rifleman slowly makes his way down the trench, aiming his rifle in front of him when Lawrence comes around the corner, jambiya knife in hand.

The Apache retreats as the Warriorr slings another stone at him. The Gladiator tries to punch him with, but misses.