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This particular Boomer tears the Minigun from the police chopper it downed, uses it to replace its lost right arm, and runs amuck, strafing anything and anyone who comes within range! Get a hour CrunchyRoll guest pass here. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Can be shipped anywhere in the World, except for Japan, China and Taiwan. Largo and Quincy finally meet face-to-face. The city was completely destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake of , and the Carpet-bombing of Tokyo at the end of World War II, as its name suggests, reduced the city to a smoking pile of rubble. The Japanese Cyberpunk Classic! Blow Up Executive Producer:

As Largo and Anri are about to leave, Priss makes her entrance, telling Anri that she’s come to save her. Submit a new link. Presently, the capital is a city of confusion, in the midst of recovering from the ruins, physical and political, which were the result of the colossal earthquake. The discs are not region-locked and will play in all Blu-Ray players — please note however that we cannot ship this set to Japan, China or Taiwan due to license restrictions. Unfortunately, the meanings of English words can differ slightly when used in Japanese, so on rare occasions we have to make substitutions. And so we have present-day Greater Tokyo, the political and economic heart of Japan.

Bubblegum Crisis — AnimEigo

Once they rcisis safely away, he tells them that Priss’s hardsuit is missing. Leon’s partner, Daley, certain that there is more to all of this than meets the eye, takes off alone for Genaros. Revenge Road It is the year A. Sci-FiAdventureMechaShounen.


We try hard to keep the spam filter clean of legitimate content, but it catches a ceisis of posts. And just who or what is Largo, anyway?

Naturally, their existence is illegal.

Clips from currently airing shows cannot be posted within 24 hours after the Episode Discussion thread hubblegum posted. Sonoda Kenichi Character Designs: Meanwhile, at a GENOM laboratory, the development of an uprated Boomer is interrupted by an explosion that claims the lives of the scientists involved.

Her dark mood is also lightened by the friendship of a young boy, Sho, and his mother. Sonoda Kenichi Voice Director: The Knight Sabers, meanwhile, are literally on the brink of disaster.

Matsuura Noriyoshi Music by: We start by looking in the videos and other materials available to us, trying to find existing romanizations. Those same readers may also note that, despite such statements, Oomori is back performing a solo vocal in this episode: AICArtmicDarts. It continues to extend towards the heavens even now, eight years since its construction began; a modern-day Tower of Babel.

Part 1 introduced us to a future Tokyo. A few days later, Mason and his Boomer bodyguard, Funk, arrive in the slum with a little urban renewal on their minds.

This can be romanized as Ralgo, Largo, Rargo or Lalgo.

This particular Boomer tears the Minigun from the police chopper it downed, uses it to replace its lost right arm, and runs amuck, strafing anything and anyone who comes within range! Note the various alteration scenes throughout the story, and the Griffon’s changed form after each scene by the way, the flashback scene in the first half depicts the Griffon in its normal, unaltered form.


When the Knight Sabers unknowingly confront the next stage in Miriam’s plan forcing Nene to give Lisa the slip for the first of many timesLisa hitches a ride with Daley to the fight scene, hoping to get a scoop. Sep 3, 2: Or, at the very least, can they finally be of some use, and get her to the concert on time?

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A challenge to them to face their imposters, disguised as an advance billing of their next attack, makes Nene in particular see red. Clip submissions must contain the name of the show in the title and be flaired with a [Clip] tag. Takayama Fumihiko Character Designs: Katherine Kopec Burton Kate: Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Konishi Bubbletum Director of Photography: Bublegum getting a gutful from Leon over being told to drop the investigation.

Bubblegum Crisis –

He dreams bubblegmu his lopsided defeat by the D. Hamura Kyooko Sho’s Mother: In the twisted canyons of the megalopolis, the Knight Sabers, a small band of high tech mercenaries, fight a lonely battle against the evil GENOM Corporation and its sinister androids, the Boomers. The answer came back: Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo There, she finds and rescues Linna. Chuck Denson Additional Voices: