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You must login to Pinkbike. D-ponko Aug 5, at CraigFearon Aug 9, at 2: You must login to Pinkbike. Do you love the Cumberland Trails? Video player is disabled while the embed window is open. Post a Comment Login or Sign Up.

I bet your parents are super proud of you. Bearclaw Invitational – Course Preview. That’s awesome, his mid-sesh commentary rivals Cam McCauls! Even if not live they could have a full length replay. Please beware of winter blowdowns and trail damage. JHewitt Aug 9, at Tippie does say some dumb stuff but you gotta love his energy and passion for the sport.

RideBikess Aug 5, at 8: I really enjoyed giving riotpride negative props, almost as much as that edit.

Bearclaw Invitational – Winning Run Video – Pinkbike

Even if not live they could have a full length replay. Darren Berrecloth, widely regarded as one of the best Freeriders in the world, will return to restore the forest site. Quesadilla34 Aug 26, at Insane course, realy smoth with big jumps! This video was so sick until the commentary came on and just ruined it. Post a Comment Login or Sign Up. I love videos with music thats not gay.

2014 Bearclaw Invitational – Winning Run

Banan Aug 9, at 1: Copy and paste the HTML code below: Why cuz all you little pussys do is bitch about everything grow the fuck up and just watch the edit if you all think your so fucking good why aren’t you the ones out there winning so stop all your bitching and crying over semenuk doin oppo tricks and richie and brad commentating fuck your all girls and if you knew anything about the sport you would no richie and brad have been around alot longer then any of you but hurt loosers.


The course itself is built in and among massive cedar and fir trees with many a wood-built riding feature out on the trail to promote a West Coast feel. DirtBagMedia Aug 9, at Post a Comment Login or Sign Up. And it didn’t get any less scary when I watched it a second time This is slope not flatland. You give Canadians a bad name. Am I ever sick of this Stupid stupid catch phrase that sounds scripted and is just annoying. Don’t have an account? CraigFearon Aug 9, at 2: Spielkind Aug 27, at 0: Tippie is getting more tolerable than years past but the other guy is simply soooo stupid with his catch phrases that I just have to watch without sound and otherwise miss some good music.

Trealairborne Aug 9, at 7: Video info Date Posted Aug 5, at 0: Are you busy working or living away from the Comox Valley Trails? Love the skinnies thrown in there. No one said anything about Semenuk, in fact the ability to do just about anything oppo is a huge indicator of skill in any sport.

I heard his “catch phrases” a thousand times during crankworx recap and they are so annoying. I like how he slams his face on his stem when he yells “droppin in”. You can still do your part and make a donation towards trail building on Forbidden and in Cumberland. FMI and perks contact Jeff Judd at jjudd mountwashington. Check out all the action up close!!


M3T4 Aug 5, at 6: I dont think your boyfriend knows how much you love him yet! Kona-Stinker-Dude Aug 26, at DownhillWillSmith Aug 9, at 4: Spielkind Aug 30, at 2: I would shit in my pants pretty fast if I would ride that course Return to top of page. As for you, learn to spell and get your GED.

I think your the one who need a wet wipe for your loose and hurt but hole that keeps dripping SoCalMX Aug 9, at 7: Trail Report Watxh has arrived, but snow is taking it’s time to disappear.

DaddyWhite Aug 26, at JmB16 Aug 9, at 4: Pinkbike is a big, fun party of all disciplines of mountain biking, and right now you are invitatinoal drunk, belligerent degenerate who is making everyone else just a bit uncomfortable. What matters here, however, is that you seem to have reached up your ass and found a problem with anyone who doesn’t do exactly what you do, and wwatch addition to that you seem to have ordained yourself a veritable slopestyle judge.

DirtBagMedia Aug 5, at You must login to Pinkbike.

Video player is disabled while the embed window is open. Thats the best set of jumps i’ve seen in a long while and Im now buzzing for the comp.

TheSpecialOne Aug 9, at 2: