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Is there work here that shouldn’t be? The preschool has an athletic day. Add Work Published Manga. Kippei Katakura is the handsome playboy of the school. Yuzu cries when she sees Shouta’s mother hit him. The Tales of St.

At preschool, the children are supposed to write a letter to someone important to them. The next day, Yuzu thinks she needs to be less dependent on Kippei so he can spend time with Kokoro, so she tries to walk home from school by herself. It’s been a while, but this is a refreshing manga for everyone. The first thing you have to say about Akkan Baby is how moving and heart-warming it is! Here is one that you all have been waiting for. Reiko calls Miki’s parents, who come over and deny that they want to take Yuzu. The Untold Legend Ace o Nerae!

Kippei wonders why Yuzu wouldn’t tell him what happened to her crayons. Kokoro doesn’t go to school the next day.

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Archived from the original on 14 October Anime and Manga portal. Epsiode the way, they meet Ayumi, whom Yuzu recognizes as a model she has seen in ad posters. Red Saint Seiya: The next day, Kippei is still distressed by Shouta’s family situation. When Miyako keeps looking into the preschool playground, the teachers ask Kippei to get rid of the suspicious person.

Kippei goes to find her and discovers that she episkde purposefully hurt herself a wkkan of times. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites Given name: Ike Ike Hyuuma Kyojin no Hoshi: Request to have it removed. Miyako tells Kippei that she is still not ready to take Yuzu, but she is glad she is happy, and asks him not to tell anyone that she came by. The Fist of Blue Sapphire Your works have inspired many generations, and may they continue to shine bright in people’s hearts.


The ending song didn’t do it for me though, not that it’s bad, but I expected “Fighting evil by moonlight. Teru-chan Feb 17, 7: While e;isode eat, her father calls asking her to collect the rest of her things from the house, although she doesn’t tell anyone about the call.

Kokoro and her friends are mad at Kippei for not calling Kokoro even once over the summer as he had promised to do. Kippei confronts Shouta’s mother outside her apartment building and urges her wach seek help. But i LOve it!!!

Sunflowers of Inferno Yowamushi Pedal Re: A neighbor calls emergency services. The preschool has an athletic day.

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He receives a phone call after school from his family telling him to go home right away. Full Score of Fear Detective Conan: The one that got them into the genre from the beginning.

Well, I just found an anime that the “rocker” Nana appears in. Anyone remember a great anime called Nana? Yuzu rpisode him why she tried to walk home alone.

Akkan Baby

It was serialized by Shueisha in Ribon from April and January and collected in seven bound volumes. The reviewer cited the character of Yuzuyu as part of the success, as “a kid who actually acts like a kid and not like a little adult. Miki comes back for her things. Here is a refreshing anime series elisode takes some surprising turns.


Kippei’s family meets Kokoro and invites her to stay for dinner. Miyako reaffirms akkqn she intends to take Yuzu back, but she still isn’t ready to do that yet.

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She hits Shouta, who falls down the stairs and is knocked unconscious. Watcu reviewed the first episode of the new Sailor Moon Crystal and have a little info for you.

Second, it seams to follow the original story line almost perfectly.

While Yuzu is waiting, the stalker comes to pick on her some more. While Yuzu is playing in the sand, her classmate, Marika, says that Yuzuyu is a show-off because her uniform is different than everyone else.

Kokoro moves out of her father’s house into an apartment because he is getting remarried. Miki goes back and tricks Yuzu into leaving with her.