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While running away, they are met by Ira who blocks their way out of the school grounds. Kakeru activates the Eye of Aeon to fight Invidia and manages to land a severe blow before the pain begins to cripple him. Ima kara Mina-san wa, Hitojichi Desu Episode After watching him train, Misuzu takes him and Yuka back to her home, where she shows them her true abilities, which comes in five different sword forms that are kept sealed on her nails, the answer to why she wears gloves. Movie Terbaru 3D Kanojo: A port playable on the Xbox entitled 11eyes CrossOver was released on April 2, , published by 5pb. Works by Doga Kobo. It seems that everyone is dead.

Retrieved May 20, Huan Jie Wang Episode Mob Psycho II Episode Retrieved March 20, The events of this episode are merely a parody of the main series and have nothing to do with the other 12 episodes. What about Yuka and Kakeru’s powers? Since losing his sister seven years ago, Kakeru Satsuki has led a vacant life. Ingress the Animation Episode

GJ Bu Ost [Hashiri da sou! Meanwhile, Yukiko, who is grieving for Takahisa, now seeks vengeance against the Black Knights and goes alone to fight them.

Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode Misuzu attempts a ritual to heal him and free Kakeru of his torment. The boys continue to search as Scholastica, wounded and dazed, disintegrates before their eyes.

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Later that same day a queer new student named Shiori Momono transfers into their class after having moved to Japan 11ryes Italy. Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka Episode With such a bad omen, Misuzu tells them that if they are ever sent into the Red Night again, the school will be their meeting place. Tokyo Youma-hen Episode Dimension High School Episode JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: A fan disc for Windows entitled 11eyes -Resona Forma- was planned for release at Fall Kemono Friends 2 Episode It was also initially under the agreement that only one sword could belong to one person, but Misuzu won against all 11eyws of the swords, causing wahch family to seek her life, prompting her to move to this part of Japan.


The plot thickens when the teenagers find a girl named Lisette trapped in a red crystal guarded by the Black Knights, who begs them to save her from this prison.

The ordinary days they have come to expect are overturned when they are thrown into an ibdo world which they call “Red Night” due to the sky turning blood-red and the moon turning black. Misuzu tries to fight and hold back Ira but fails to break the standoff. While Liselotte remains trapped, due to her immortality, her soul could only be separated, so that is what the Black Knights did. As Kakeru laments with frustration, the Red Night appears again, and the stronger Black Knights are sent to dispose of them, the “fragments”.

However, as quick as it appeared, the Red Night mysteriously ends.

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Pastel Memories Episode 11eeys and Yukiko are revealed to be two of the few in the Red Night, with Takahisa having the ability to manipulate fire. Yukiko confronts the group as they are discussing the Black Knights, covered in blood, shaking with tears and revealed that she has killed Takahisa.

Misuzu Kusakabe, a red-haired onmyouji swordswoman; 11eye Tachibana, a strange mute girl who resembles Kakeru’s deceased sister in both looks and name; Yukiko Hirohara, a lively young girl who takes on the personality of a cold killer when her glasses are removed; and Takahisa Tajima, a young pyrokineticist 11ejes a heated attitude to boot. Himote House Episode Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode Captain Tsubasa Episode Selamat datang di Nontonani. Anime Ongoing 3-Nen A-Gumi: The others search in vain for Yuka, fearing the worst, and split up to find her.

Yuka, who comes to check up on him, witnesses only this, completely misinterpreting what she had seen. Kakeru and Takahisa search in the school while the girls search the city. The moment Yuka makes eye contact however, she faints, and is carried to the infirmary by Kakeru.


Lisette is actually the mirror image of a wicked witch named Liselotte, who seeks to destroy the world to fulfill her lover, a man named Verard’s, dying wish. The others gather for breakfast. Shiori and Abraxas attack Liselotte, but fail. Senran Kagura Shinovi Master: Meanwhile, as Misuzu faces difficulty defeating Gula, one of the Black Knights, but thanks to a girl stabbing him, Misuzu is able to finish him off, causing one of the crystal towers in the center of the Red Night to disappear.

When Yukiko realizes Invidia has been neutralized, she stabs her in the head. Yuka tries to protect Kakeru, but faints again, and Kakeru locks her in a classroom to keep her safe and joins the others to search for Yukiko. Genkai Danchi Episode 6. Aravitia, the chief Black Knight, notices Lisette’s attempted escape and leaves the matter of the Fragments to the other Black Knights.

As Kakeru walks towards her, he is stabbed by Liselotte using Yuka’s body and has his body and the Eye of Aeon absorbed into her.

What is the mystery behind this mysterious phenomenon of Red Night? Girly Air Force Episode The seal is destroyed suub Lisette, now Liselotte, awakens.

An anime adaptation produced by Dogakobo and directed 11eyee Masami Shimoda began airing in Japan on October 7, Kakeru finally catches up with Yuka on the school rooftop and assures her that Misuzu and he are only friends. Shiori is forced to stop when the Red Night appears, and the group is immediately engaged in battle. This page was last edited on 10 Februaryat Kakeru and Kukuri come to aid Misuzu, and Superbia retreats.