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Along the way down you will see two cracked blocks in the left wall; shoot through them and enter that room. Additional tip from Adramelech: It should not be Space Wario, it should be Cosmic Wario! I am missing a dot monster on Page 9 of the Bestiary. Open the chest up there to find the “Infield Diamond Dirt”. Use Cosmic Wario to reflect lasers against the walls to hit the switches, clearing the vines above them. As you head upward, you will see two unlit torches; light the one on the right only to unravel a ladder. Go up then enter the door.

His guide is the most complete in walkthrough, and has listed almost every Treasure. Shoot the steps to open up a hole, then go down into the room below. Use Captain Wario and swim into the lower-right room. After you attack the Pharaoh twice, he will become invisible. The terms used in this guide will be for the Japanese version. Then, switch to Thief Wario and get out of this room. Avoid the falling lava it falls in sets of two as you pass through, then continue into the room ahead.

Use Genius Wario to reveal the glowing ball, then disguisse Cosmic Wario’s laser to hit it. Hitting the switches in the center is what causes this boss damage, so concentrate on turning the room and crushing the switches. At the other side, climb the ladder and follow the hidden path to the upper- left area.

Climb down to exit this room, and go left along the upper path. Added the missing bosses. Jump onto it, then over to the upper-right platform. Quickly make your way down through the blocks, then go right.

You start with 2 Minutes. Climb the ladder and crawl through the passage to the right, and enter that door. Jump over the cracked floor which will crumble, and check the Wario hat to save your game.

Use Sparky Wario to light up the area tap the screen to light up the rest of the room for a brief time. After you draw the box, quickly switch back to Thief Wario so you can move, and land on the upper-right ledge.


With Nintendo’s obsession with 2D plats, why no SMB2 sequel?

Stay as Dragon Wario and walk on the thin platform to fall into the room below. Defeat the ghosts and jump your way to the upper half of the room.

In this dark room, use Sparky Wario to see the four moving platforms. Jump from them to the high right ledge, where you will find a chest containing the “Fanny Armor”.

Wario: Master of Disguise – Walkthrough

These names that I used are correct! Then, jump to the upper ledge and go through the door as Genius Wario. Caviar Map, which will allow you to see all the rooms of the ship on your map located on the top screen. In there, head all the way right across spike pits, ignoring e;isode door you pass for now.

Wario: Master of Disguise Boss FAQ for DS by Gywall – GameFAQs

Get back past the eroding area, to the left. There, destroy a couple more fire blocks, then go left and up to the door, and enter it. Do this twice to continue onward. Shoot the blocks surrounding a switch, then hit it to open a gate below.

Defeat the gold rat at the other end, then use Arty Wario to create a box. And they way it is now each character has a certain feel — Donkey Kong games are usually harder IMHO and have more moving levels mine carts, rocket barrels plus animals to ride, Kirby is about changing your play style based on what enemies you’re fighting, Mario is straight platforming with suits to mix things up, Yoshi feels more like exploring and ranged attacks I only played through that once.

To the right, you will see that the ceiling opens up, allowing you to move upward. That will be your next destination, and this episode will end here! Once you reach the top, go into the right room. But I am still missing Treasures! Head right and drop to the lower area, then head left to the door. I still seem to be missing a bunch of them, so if you can give me information about the remaining ones, especially where you can acquire said missing treasures, please let me know!


Use Captain Wario to exit the room, then go up the ladder and use Cosmic Wario to hit the switches above so the platforms appear in the air. Drop off the ledge and head back to the previous room. Just like the previous Wario games, this game is all about collecting treasure and going to any length to steal it!

As soon as you fall into the dark room below, quickly switch back to Thief Wario so you can land on a thin ledge. When you have control, go right and ignore the fire blocks for now. At the other side, follow the strong currents pointing to the left, then surface at the end and jump onto dry land before continuing. Fly up, crawl through, and take the Purple Chest. Follow the bottom path to a chest containing the Cataract Seal, which is your third key. Wait for the blocks you made to clear, then crawl back left through a lower opening.

In the new room, jump onto the upper platform and go left, triggering the four ledges above to fall one at a time. You start with 3 minutes. When the floor opens up below, drop down and open the three chests to receive the “Freaky Cat Glasses”, “Nostalgic Memory Picture”, and the “Ears of Sanguineness” treasures.

Wario: Master of Disguise (Video Game) – TV Tropes

In that room, become Captain Wario and jump into the water to float, then swim all the way to the left while avoiding the spiked balls draw lines in the water to swim.

Change back and go through. Here, go left and drop to the lower platform with another Wario hat save point. Go into the right room, then this time, jump to the top area and enter the upper-left room.

When it opens up, shoot fire at it.