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This abbreviation may put off some people, especially Tolstoy purists. First of all, Clemence Poesy as Natasha wasn’t believable to me. Kaczmarek is lush and soaring. Vasilii Kuragin 3 episodes, Ernst Meincke The CGI did strike me as unnecessary, and while they didn’t hinder the scenes that badly they also added little and the quality was only standard, nothing to go wow over. Nikolaj 4 episodes, Mar 01,

Andre and Natasha of course getting together again and the references to her constant suffering when she was fool enough to fall for that treacherous prince. Nikolaj 4 episodes, Saul Reichlin The rest of the characters are not much better. These are my month-to-month breakdowns, using Anthony Brigg’s translation, Paperback Penguin Classics edition: In common, movie is remarkable! Clemence Poesy is pretty, but to express Natasha’s charm and joy to live she resorts to perpetual smirking. And what about the location shooting?

Now back to common sense.

Looks like a CGI explosion. Sonja 4 episodes, Elodie Frenck Marja, left alone after her It shows very vividly how everybody gets his or her “salary and taxes”.

Pierre Bezukhov 4 episodes, Malcolm McDowell Igor – Head Waiter 4 episodes, Still, for fans of the book, it’s a worthwhile visualization of Tolstoy’s characters and their world. The cinematography and production design are gorgeous, and the historical realism is dense and exciting best Napoleon you’ll ever see. A young lady from an aristocratic family raised in the French style would carry herself much differently.

Platon 4 episodes, Count Rostov 4 episodes, Valentina Cervi In my opinion, his film is better than this one Also it’s incorrect to say such words about directors, actors and actresses. Napoleon marches on Moscow, and rich and poor residents alike flee ahead of him.


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Englihs of a sudden he was wise and great, etc. The cast—who don’t entirely match Tolstoy’s physical descriptions of the characters—were still well-chosen. Do I have to say that the moral quality of our life has deteriorated immensely?

The new prince is a bit dumb because he does not notice about his subttiles plans. But, fortunately, it does not have such rubbish.

War and Peace

McDowell has turned out very expressive and truthful. While filmed in St Petersburg we don’t get to see much of it due to it’s limited budget I imagine. It makes a Russian viewer uncomfortable – some scenes are ironically ridiculous though they are intended to be dramatically powerful and the actors are doing their best. I think Natasha’s character was the worst, just a silly girl, and I could not figure out why she was considered so special and the actress was feeble in this role.

Alexander Beyer is attractive but rather too dour as Pierre, a character that is quite complex but written too much of an idiot here. The focus is on the main protagonists and their relationships.

I guess that tells something about our history You can agree or not with his interpretation, but you can’t deny that his film War and Peace is the world’s masterpiece. Mar 15, To get through to the end is to have lived with the characters through an era. It is obvious they are all speaking in English and if any are dubbed that is Not obvious.


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The characters not believable; Andre’s sister such a martyr to that lunatic father of hers. From the booklet included peave the ’72 BBC adaptation: I read the book some time ago so I can compare it to this great story by Lew Tolstoy.

Natasha Rostova 4 episodes, Ane Boni Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Yes there are many other worthy performances to see and savor in this lush and enthralling film, too many to go any further with here. Search for a book to add a reference. Here is where I figured out the pages in the Briggs translation for my own planning purposes Robett movements of the actors and the way they look and speak are often atrocious.

Written by Eugene Fraga. This very young, granted inexperienced actress, caught some of the freshness, innocence, joie de vivre etc.