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His grandparents or great-grandparents likely had children who had children, etc. Tycho Nestoris , You gotta be careful with that kind of thing, let ep 5 be a lesson to anyone trying anything new and exciting unsupervised! Continue to external site Go Back. I mean they could bring back Gendry as a plot device in such a situation but if done wrong comes across as very deus ex machina. All Marg did was lie about her brothers sexuality. How do you put spoilers in your comment? No chance that it could be.

Or are you suggesting that the gate will simply be left open? Speaking of side boob, they certainly loved her more than they loved Joffrey. The show has greatly simplified family trees for obvious and good reasons. So Margerys hair isnt cut. Sansa is not a politician or a military tactician or a warrior. They do just seem to be wildly speculating, though. She Wants to be A Pornstar!

As Cersei, she kills The Mountain!

Remember the scene between hound and arya at the gates of eyrie. Who else could be there???? Why not remain Wylis, but just with an impediment?!

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Jaime returns to jailbreak another sibling. No offense Sue, just teasing. I mean how amazing is the casting for these actors?


In the books, I fiercely hope for Tyrion-Sansa reunion to happen in the Vale. Why do you proclaim the same assumption so incessantly with such seeming authority?

Naturally some books readers have a theory that it is of major significance! Honestly, every other location has been inferior since the second half of season 4. There will of course have to be some type of closure and my guess is Faceless Men eventually catch up to her and she thats how she dies.

But I may not be wabna. Margaery — there was a leaked pic of her wearing a ludicrous hairstyle adorned with flowers. Tyrion is basically having her storyline in ADWD. Theres is more point in including now than there ever was, because this is when her story becomes important. I know about the whole IMDB thing so calm down. Login or sign up. Thanks to this site we get filming news.

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But these alternate theories just got me thinking about it. He is playing a game to create more dissent between the Lannisters and Tyrells.


You are now leaving Pornhub. It reminds me of her laughing when she learned Lysa was dead.

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Because there dtrongest not, nor ever was, a walk of atonement. Arya gets to go on missions, so it must sting. This Link May be Unsafe. The guy being stabbed is huge — Mad King was not huge by description. Haha yeah I was tongue in cheek there.

JoeyI would love a scene like that. Is there such a thing as nonsense in his work. Tamer Hassan Khal Forzo in http: It also kind of looks like a shot of that room where The High Sparrow has spoken to Marg and Tommen this season.

Well, theres no reason to lie about this though…. How do you put spoilers in your comment? I really thought he was more of a main character in the book, right?