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I still don’t like Mio. Welp I kind of enjoy this show. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. And the focus on Akane was nice for a change i hope we will got the see more about the others girls as well in future episodes since personally i don’t really like Mio. Well, it was prevedible. Yeah, looked great especially when closing the helmet. Mio needs to die Mio needs to dye, which is what you really wanted to say. Takahiro used to joust but was injured but more importantly if you check the subtitle of the original manga from the game it is Shoujo Kishi Monogatari which means Girl Knight Story.

Jousting is interesting to watch. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Didn’t they bother looking around and seeing the broken lances everywhere, and find it suspicious that they were wearing their armor just to ‘practice horsemanship’? That was actually pretty good. Better than Lisa’s armor. Lisa didn’t become a bother girl. Lisa’s character might get better, but her friend needs to shut up and leave ASAP.

The deflection two lances at the same time is the sign of some intense mastery. I wonder how the guy managed to stop their xub without crashing into either of them immediately.

Other than that good episode. Isn’t this girl a main character as well? Takahiro seem very skills, it’s make me wonder if he will return back to knight. Akane with that double rpisode was great. I hope it stays like this. Mio joining the knights as expected. Mio’s decision was predictable, but still fun to watch. Akane’s armor looks so awesome. But other than that idno was good episode, I was surprised fanservice was toned down but I guess next time we will have pleanty again.


There are no cellphones though. I wonder where was the announcement of this change? Can’t wait for them two to go at it again.

Walkure Romanze Episode 4 English Sub

Hmm gonna wait for the sub of course. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Walkure Romanze Episode 4 Discussion. I’m not sure if this was adressed walkkre why is it only girls doing the jousting? That duel was thrilling. Takahiro being badass, I want to see him vs President Celia.

Mio finally deciding to become a knight as well, which was pretty much expected.

And short pink hair looks weird. It seems like in the next episode we will get to see some of the girls’ pasts. I still don’t like Mio.

BBCode “May those who accept ihdo fate be granted happiness.

Takahiro used to joust but was injured but more importantly if you check the subtitle of the original manga from the game it is Shoujo Kishi Monogatari which means Girl Knight Story. I thought Mio romanzf just going to be dumped out of the story but it seems like that is not the case.

And the fight scene awesome too. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

Btw, this episode actually surprised me, it was pretty good, dat OST too. She needs to keep her mouth shut.

Is this one of those shows which have a role reversal where the guys only do episide supporting roles? Not that Im complaining but after the level of fanservice and innuendos the last few episodes this episode could have been showed in a church. Fuck, I think this show is growing on me. I’m glad they didn’t put another fanservice episode, this episode so far is the best.

Now we get a glimpse too at how OP our MC is, so graceful, indoo both lances like that. Didn’t care much for those first year lolis either. And we barely saw anything from the student council president so far Lisa also didn’t get much screen time till now but she does seem to epiaode a importuned role in this. Takahiro interfering wasn’t too surprising for me though. I like Akane and I have to mention that her armor is awesome and quite the contrast to Bertille’s armor ahaha. There’s also more to the characters than only fanservice, which romabze really nice for that kind of show.


More Pornographic material coming on the way!

Walkure Romanze Episode 4 English Sub – video dailymotion

But other than that nothing. The problem is that she is a lesbian.

Mainly the loud, obnoxious one. I wonder if we’ll get to see the MC jousting at one point, it would be cool. Akane’s armor was fucking fabulous. Yeah, looked great especially when closing the helmet. Not even Boobplate armor like in the previous episodes, the armor actually made sense. BBCode Laugh and the world laughs with you. The scene was so powerful it added Akane and Lisa in his harem! I’m not expecting them to delve into his story too much or any but the epiaode that something is there and has potential to give him a little depth is nice too.