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The Official Website of Erin Long. Log In using Facebook. As humans, we become so vulnerable to the implication of excitement in romanticizing that we often forget about ourselves in the process. After its successful premiere and the viewer’s warm support, the cast launched Pagmamahalang Walang Hanggan: The story revolves from Marco and Emily, and to Katerina and Daniel. Marco arrives too late and kills Miguel.

Gomez once again promoted the series by guesting in the noontime variety show Happy, Yipee, Yehey on January 14, [13] the same day of the series’ advanced special screening held at SM Megamall , [14] the screening was attended by many acclaimed artists and critics namely Gomez’ wife Lucy Torres with Kris Aquino , Vice Ganda and Liz Uy. Views Read Edit View history. ABS-CBN took advantage of the show’s popularity to partner with local jeweler Karat World to produce an “infinity ring,” a special ring shaped like intertwined infinity loops. Age of the Diary Self-Help and More. We believe in our hearts that Coco Martin is a wonderful actor. Daniel was even been thought a threat when Miguel gave his warning to his one of his men has been detained.

Cruz sisters Henya and Margaret vie for the love of Joseph Montenegro in the fictional province of Olivarez. The latter now begins when the Alcantara’s move in to the region of Olivarez, when William Alcantara Joel Torre and his children Katerina Julia Montes and Tomas Joem Bascon move into the neighborhood and William adopts a streetboy named Daniel Coco Martin although Daniel and his adoptive grandmother Virginia “Ate Henya” adopted him the two move into the mansion and Virginia becomes of household help but as they get older a friendship blossoms with the comeback of the Montenegro family with Marco’s children Johanna Melissa Ricks and Nathan Paulo Avelino.

Find out more here. Derecho na sa cocktails. And especially Jane’s doubts on her marriage with Marco almost spiraling Margaret takes matters on her own hands as the sequence of events begin to spiral Emily is about to lose her business as her right hand man and also assistant Miguel Nonie Buencamino decides to steal all of the money from there company and get a loan from the Bonifacio bank which starts all there troubles and lands them in bankruptacy.

A second album titled Walang Hanggan: Marco and Emily have decided to get marry in a meantime. Walang Hanggan plot Walang Hanggan tv series: Sam Lanuza-Adea Making the world a better place, one day at a time. Nathan is released from the psychiatric hospital and moves back with his family. The classic drama became a huge hit and maintains the top spot in viewer ratings for most of its run, with its finale episode on October 26, attaining the highest rating of You are commenting using your Twitter account.


Email required Address never made public. ABS-CBN took advantage of the show’s popularity to partner with local jeweler Karat World to produce an “infinity ring,” a special ring shaped like intertwined infinity loops. Age of the Diary Self-Help and More.

Daniel runs the winery business with her biological mother Emily. Jean is eventually unmasked as Jane who miraculously survived the crash and underwent plastic surgery and Miguel kills her for good. Emily and Marco have their own baby, named Daniel II. The scenes were getting intense as Jean sending some black flowers first to Daniel, Emily and later on to Katerina as well.

Emily reemerges with a plan to avenge her woes by taking all the shares in the business. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Watch the music video here: Emily and Daniel eventually returns to the Philippines after learning that Nathan and Katerina are going to be married. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Nathan played a lot just to keep Katerina in his part. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Things will start to change as Katerina tries to fix her relationship pllot Nathan and Daniel but as she tries to run with Nathan she fears for Daniel’s safety as her life is hhanggan danger will there ever be a way to save each one of pllt with the power of love?

Amewahi kuhusishwa kuwa na mahusiano ya kimapenzi na Julia Montes na Angel Locsin licha ya kwamba hakuwahi kukiri wala kukataa kwamba anamahusiano nao.

Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta. Anxiety Tagalog quotes 35 Tagalog quotes 34 No labels as Down syndrome: Ten months na, buhay pa si Miguel!

Indeed, some good things never last. Other articleTelevision article — 4 Comments. Anakiri ya kwamba haikuwa rahisi kwake kukubaliana na majibu yake kwakuwa alikuwa akimpenda sana mtoto huyo, licha ya hayo yote amesema ataendelea kumpenda na kumuhudumia kama ilivyo kuwa hapo awali. Book 2 In p,ot new chapter the lives of Emily, and Daniel, are changed after losing their vast fortune and there empire Emily and Daniel live normal lives as Emily is a assistant manager of a high class restaurant and Daniel also works as a struggling bartender but with the new switch of jobs due to the attempts of Waalang and Nathan to stop at nothing to make Daniel’s life miserable becomes delighting yet devastating walagn them but meanwhile, Margaret also tries her best to stop the engagement and soon to be marriage of Emily and Marco as Marco celebrates Jane’s one year anniversary he decides to try to win Emily’s heart once again and rekindle there relationship but Margaret’s life is at stake due to Miguel’s threats on how to stop Emily and Marco’s relationship or else Johanna, and Nathan and Daniel’s lives are at stake and especially Virginia’s but will the love of her family ssummary her risk it all to save them after all her pllot Pass the Infinity wine, please.


Tomas finally have paid off Daniel from his debts and decided to work on his own usmmary to buy Guidotti franchise. But a new person comes into there lives named Jean Bonifacio Eula Valdeza cousin of Jane who comes back to the Philippines to take over Jane’s spot as Walnag of the Bonifacio bank this also draws speculation as Emily and Daniel receive flowers by an alias who also names herself as the flower “Black Lily” but mysteries are coming into place as Emily and Daniel must face Miguel and Tomas over there once reigning “Guidotti Imports”.

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We are temporarily housing our blog here till we get Official Webpage up and fully functioning. Follow the steps below to reset your password. Completing your profile entitles you to the latest updates, invitations to hnggan events, and cool downloadable freebies! What will happen if Daniel has discover from Tomas and Johanna keeping Katerina in a safety place?

However, things take a nasty turn when Emily’s assistant Miguel Ramos steal all the company’s funds and eventually puts it in bankruptcy, while Jane dies in a plane crash. When Daniel met Katerina, they played and became as the love pairs of Walang Hanggan.

The Story of Two Friends: Walang Hanggan – Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa – MILestone PHL

Enter your e-mail address to follow my studio and get a chance to receive notifications from your email. But we buy it anyway – the Coco-as-wine-expert idea, not the wine – so we can move on with the story.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here She married the Italian and even the thoughts of her husband became ill and have passed away.

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The Story of Two Friends: Walang Hanggan – Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

Together with Coco Martin in a new television series, Walang Hanggan or InfinityJulia and Coco gives the television audience the outstanding television series in this year of Katerina and Daniel found the infinity ring in the middle of nowhere.

In the epilogue, Manang Henya and Margaret reconcile while thinking about Daniel and Katerina being reunited in the afterlife. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.