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Gentleman Wizard Portmanteau Couple Name: He panics and threatens Waglington when he thinks Waglington killed her, though Ianita was just hiding. In Season 2 he’s still mischievous, but more of a ruthless businessman than a straight-up villain. He sometimes jokingly imitates this way of speaking. After getting Thaumcraft reaserch from Sonja. Too Dumb to Live: Sir Swears-a-Lot Tempting Fate: It was also discussed during Season 1.

The team will then be stranded in a never ending darkness until the team heres a tiny voice, that leads them to a new world. Wag accidentally transported him to the Nether in an attempt to free him from Inertia. Casually kills Tom, who had a good amount if armor and weapons, when he annoys her, and joins Jordan in a raid on a underground dungeon with little to no explanation, beating the crap out of mobs with a frying pan. He was a follower of Dianite before he betrayed them to join the Shadows. She is known to bewearing flower crowns. He panics and threatens Waglington when he thinks Waglington killed her, though Ianita was just hiding. He’s the only one who genuinely believes Mianite is good. Ser Jeriah Tucker’s Alternate.

Season 2, ha ha. I Call It “Vera”: Is Ianite’s lover and the father to Helgrind and Martha.

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Butts”, and so, so many more. Rated T for bad language. By some accident, he’s now ended up back in his home dimension.

Sir Swears-a-Lot Tempting Fate: But for Evasive Cartwheel, it meant so much more. Secrets are being kept and its Tom Sydicates job, guided by Dianite, to bring the whole thing down. He was a follower of Dianite before he betrayed them to join the Shadows.


For the most part of Season 2. This Is as Far as I Go: Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Deviser gets tired of Mianite pushing him around, So he decides to take the group to the final Crypt where he will resurrect Dianite.

He is the only one who can communicate with all of the gods at all times. That’s What She Said: Ser Jeriah Tucker’s Alternate.

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In contrast with Dianite, he is order. Tom Sydicate receives a message from the King of Dagrun, leading him to a chest with a mysterious note and a magical ring. On Sparklez for killing him.

He dealt the fatal blow to Dianite.

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Messing with his daughterand pretty much anything or anyone associated with her. Takes particular joy in this lifestyle. He’s decided to have miianite self-imposed one there as penance. Badass Gay Berserk Button: The stories he tells about his youth definitely paint him like this. He’s arguably the nicest person around in The Realm of Mianite, but he’s also one of the strongest.

Her return trip to the land of the living didn’t go smoothly. Adorably Precocious Child Braids of Action: Mianite is defeated just in time for Deviser to finish the portal. They become canon in the final episode. Will they succeed and will Tom be able to stand up to his God? She was killed by Dianite, and Ianite revived her It seems not an episode goes by without her uttering one of these.


In contrast with Mianite, he is Chaos.

Towards Season 2 Mianite. Action Girl Finals Motifs: After getting Thaumcraft reaserch from Sonja. Kinda depressing if you think about it. Has one with Ianite. In Season 1 he wasn’t part of the storyline apart from being one of the Wizards, but in Season 2 he’s become one of the Heroes. He is currently in the Heroes’ home dimension.

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After being defeated by the Heroes and killed by World Historian in the season 2 finale, he helps them jump through the portal and escape to Divisor Gaines’ world, not losing his Affably Evil demeanor until the miianite.