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Shocked upon seeing this turn of events, Chaos sees Luckyulo already enlarging Mad Torin. Later that night, Nobuharu is exhausted from the events and has fallen asleep. The Slashing Brave [ edit ]. Somewhat predictably Deboss betrays Dantetsu, and it’s only five hours to global armageddon! Worried of the turn of events, Torin sends Gabutyra to form Kyoryuzin to battle the enlarged Debo Yakigonte and the Dogold copy he created from a Giant Zorima. With Amy as her clueless helper, Yayoi spies on Daigo meeting up with Meeko before realizing the girl is armed with a weapon: With the five Kyoryugers singing it, they manage to revive Torin. Back at the Frozen Castle, Aigallon and Luckyulo question Dogold over his recent change in demeanor, but he only responds by saying that all of their roles will change.

Luckiero appears very briefly in this episode, leading me to hope he and Candelia are going to play a crucial part in the finale. Ai to Namida no Ichigeki ” Japanese: In the Spirit Base, Torin reveals that the power boost the Zorima had is a sign that Deboth, the leader of the Deboth Army, is beginning to awaken. However, when Kyoryu Red uses it, he starts acting like Gabutyra. Though the others come to his hospital bed to see how he is faring since their last fight with Debo Nagareboshi, Daigo is actually on top of the building pondering Kyoryu Gray’s words. Telling the others to leave, Utsusemimaru holds off the two Deboth Knights.

The Courageous Gaburivolver [ edit ] 4 “Fire! Episoees the Kyoryugers know feeding the final Lost Stone should be their concern, Torin senses the Deboth Army at its location: That Can’t Be Dad!

This was probably New World’s high point – a magnificently twisted episode that proved why we found the show’s weird social dystopia so fascinating, before it slid into sci-fi schlockGargantia excelled at moments of stillness and beauty in a medium that often resorts too quickly to hyperactivity and bombast. In the Spirit Base, Torin reveals that the power boost the Zorima had is a sign that Deboth, the leader of the Deboth Army, is beginning to awaken.


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Rika, Daigo, Amy, Ian, and Souji try hard to stifle their laughter as a vexed Nobuharu tries to refute Yuko’s assertion. After being taken tsam the entrance, punished from failing to understand why he can not access it, Luckyulo finds Amy dealing with her own issues with Gentle as Utsusemimaru arrives to aid in her training.

Luckily, Amy comes to Yayoi’s aid with the others joining in as Daigo actually leaves the hospital. Red’s Super Evolution” Transcription: However, Debo Kantokku attacks them. Daigo yanks the stone out of the lake as the other Kyoryugers take out the grunts. Later at the Tiger Boy, Yuko has made peace with Kenichi’s passing, but despite admitting to a fleeting moment of gratitude towards Kyoryu Blue for rescuing her, she is still contemptuous of the sentai hero, stating that he is probably a loser in his forties, whose “oyaji” jokes are worse than Nobuharu’s.

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But after the others find out, finding herself unable to use the Plezuon Zyudenchi, Yayoi runs off with Amy in pursuit. Before Torin can explain about the land’s light, the Kyoryugers see Deboth appearing and are barely able to destroy him with Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin this time around.

Mushiba no Ankidon ” Japanese: Just as with things look hopeless, Kyoryu Gold arrives, allowing the seven Kyoryugers to use their melody to counter Deboth’s melody.

Still, full steam ahead for now.

However, to the Debo Monster’s shock, Daigo is unable to get mad as Debo Yakigonte accidentally exposes himself with Ian destroying his fake. Nobuharu tries to get Souji and Amy to enter battle against the group, but the two unable to transform with Kyoryu Blue forced to fight Dogold while they play with Canderrilla and Debo Vacance.

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Learning of what has transpired, despite Torin pleading him not to go, Daigo comes to the others’ aid with his Gaburivolver sealed.

The next day, after a mandatory class to understand the plan with the Super Dimension Bomb, Luckyulo learns that the entrance to the Spirit Base has been found. Utsusemimaru destroys Jakireen’s shears, restoring Rin to normal. Nobuharu pleads with Canderrilla her to free the men she captured, and when she asks why, Nobuharu explains that he believes that there vltasaur some good in her.


Souji easily dispatches the bodyguards with a stick as if he was wielding his sword, and would easily have beaten Mitsuhiko in the same manner, but Debo Zaihodoron attacks, disrupting the plans.

With Torin guiding them, the Kyoryugers arrive at the Plezuon Lab where they meet the eccentric Doctor Ulshade and his granddaughter Yayoi. Ultra Super Hero Taisen. The Guardians’ Fragment” Transcription: Souji wants to challenge Mitsuhiko to a fair fight, but Mitsuhiko reveals he has a legion of bodyguards armed with laser tag guns.

Farewell Our Eternal Friends. The Taem Army’s Nightmare [ edit ]. Redi wa Ore ga Mamoru ” Japanese: Using their fists, Kyoryu Red understands the Earth’s melody before they are kypryuger by the Deboth Army with Deboth revealing that he went back on his word as gateways for the Debo Monsters to remerge.

The Red King [ edit ]. Later, while reprimanding Souji for taking a kyorguger risk, Torin offers to teach the human his fighting style. Finding a human eye within the crack voltwsaur his volrasaur, a confused Dogold falls back with Kyoryu Green and Kyoryu Pink in pursuit. Meanwhile, upon revealing to Canderrilla he was not acting on his own accord, Debo Bathisie suddenly goes wild again and transforms. Vlltasaur the request of a girl named Rika Fukui and her friends, Daigo builds a T-Rex statue for an upcoming museum exhibit before he meets two of the people he met earlier at the Tiger Boy: The protagonists of Space Sheriff Gavan: