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Maokai is past his prime Good luck on the rift! Played rek’sai twice this week on the rotation and truly couldn’t really get the feel for his kit. I have seen her played mid. Also, her early game is almost mediocre and you need to care for invades. If you’re set on playing tanks, Zac or Rammus is probably the most balanced from early to late game power level that can basically be picked into any team comp.

If you’re set on playing tanks, Zac or Rammus is probably the most balanced from early to late game power level that can basically be picked into any team comp. Top she doesn’t really work in the current meta or really most metas because she’s garbage at trades and can’t farm from a distance like other tops champs that don’t trade well early rumble, mundo. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Amumu is great if your team is lacking cc. It has been said a thousand times but if your goal is to improve and climb it is important that you focus on one or two champions. Honestly, at lower elos if you have a lot of experience with her you can take her anywhere. A manaless jungler would be nice, etc. Hover over for info:

Let’s say your teams damage output is generally low, picking ZAC would be a bad choice since his base damage is low, but sustained. From the choice of champions listed The role is also less important than the champion, thats why it can be good to “main” a champ, which is not too popular and can be played at multiple positions for example Nautilus.

This goes for any champion.


Voli is a tank with better early and worse late, while Amumu and Malphite are worse early and junglf late. Thanks for the suggestion. Same thing with trundle support, really. Pick Zac if you need a combination of different strengths. Similar to Mundo, Volibear doesn’t have the best ganks in the world if your lanes don’t have hard CC.

I feel that she is slowly coming back to her former self played a couple of games recently and put the game on my back in both of them. All those champs have a different “feeling”; and even tho it may be easier switching between simple champions, mastering a champ is quite rewarding. Pick these when your comp already has CC, and the enemy team isn’t too good at kiting. No problem, happy to hear it!

I vopi really answer your question but maybe this can help you anyway. Top, she gets out-traded and zoned out hard and early by most tops that are better at dueling. Click here to register your self-updating rank flair. He also has pretty good damage, and pretty good CC. If so, try again later. Pick me 2 Rammus- is there team all AD?

► Season 6 Volibear Jungle – Patch 5.24 – Full Game Commentary – League of Legends

Zac can easily shut down champions like Xerath, Ziggs, Jayce, Anivia, Varus and should always be picked last or second last as he can get countered by almost all farm heavy champions. Most Frequent Skill Order. If you’re still new to what hard-engage, peeling, pick, etc. Become a Legend Improved attacks vpli sustained damage.

– Volibear Jungle Stats, Guides, Builds, Runes, Masteries and Counters

The Main LoL Subreddit: In champ select, especially when picking earlier rather than later, if I am jungling, how do I decide who to pick? Zac is a good pick against early-game junglers because his sustain means he can power farm to catch up in the jungle. So, I’m going to focus on when you should jungle with each champion, since I’m also a jungle main. Want junhle add to the discussion?


Both have awesome damage and cc even when built full tank and are relatively simple to play. Play him when you have laners that can snowball with any sort of lead. To answer your question, which is something you’re gonna need later on when you start succeeding and playing on a bit higher lvl.

If you play voli top, you’ve got to push your advantage pretty hard though because he’s easily kited in teamfights and even if not kited you’re only realistically going to get 1 round of spells off.

In my opinion, it does make a big difference, since every jungler still has his own tank-steroids, his own range, his own skillshots, his own hitbox, and so on and so vooi. If Mundo somehow makes it through, fuck everything and pick him. Decent laner, great team fight ult, can build AD or AP, and can be played adc, supp, top, mid.

Been considering picking her up but haven’t got around to it. Are you on EUW or?