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Meanwhile, owing to Himawari’s analysis skills, Kenjirou figures out the source of the Alone’s power-ups. This powerful machine creates energy from the sky and now lies in the centre of an artificial, man-made island called as Blue Island. Returned to Akane’s place again, Rei feels relieved when she is reunited with her key, which Akane and her friends helped search for, although she declines Akane’s offer of being friends. Receiving weapons to go along with their new abilities, Akane and Aoi begin fighting against the Alone whilst protecting the innocent. Akane tries to get to know her quiet classmate, Rei Kuroki, unaware that she is the one assisting the Alone. Akane tells her that she already knew about that, but admired her perseverance to eat them regardless and assures her they are best friends. After the battle, Himawari makes plans to have Wakaba hang out with her for a whole day whilst Rei, who was unable to power up the Alone in time, becomes more desperate. Extra Edition Black Butler:

Akane tries to get to know her quiet classmate, Rei Kuroki, unaware that she is the one assisting the Alone. En route to school, Akane’s bike breaks down, forcing her to use the Vivid System in an effort to arrive on time. Retrieved September 14, However, this peace didn’t last for long. In the near-future, the world’s energy problems have been solved thanks to a scientific invention known as the Manifestation Engine which creates energy from the sky. Hiroyuki Yoshino Kazuhiro Takamura. Retrieved June 4,

Final Fantasy XV Persona 5: Recalling how she was betrayed by her previous friend, which led to her to become a shut-in, Himawari is rescued by Akane, who kept her promise to come back for her. Kyoto Saga Eromanga Sensei Wotakoi: Fafner in the Azure: As Wakaba and Momo get ipadd, Akane overhears how Wakaba wanted a rematch to prove she’s the strongest.


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She ends up meeting kendo club member Wakaba Saegusa, who becomes shocked when Akane counters her sudden attack. Mizuha tells her that she must do well on her next test or risk losing her part-time job. Beyond the Brilliant Future!

Ipadd, the Alone decide no world should wield Manifestation Energy but themselves. Decode Black Butler — Kannagi: Join us on Discord! Akane, Aoi and Wakaba’s latest fight against an Alone Hermit Crab is observed by Himawari Shinomiya, a girl who spends her days confined to her room and participates in classes through a camera.

Vividred Operation – Episode 9 –

Virgin Soul Altair: Their prime objective is to destroy the Manifestation Engine so that they can send the world into chaos. A video game developed by BanprestoVividred Operation: On the island of Izu Oshima, Akane Isshiki is living a simple life with her sister, Momo, and vivirred grandfather and creator of the engine, Kenjirou.

Retrieved March 2, When the photos get some good feedback, with the editors wanting her to go pro, Himawari gets upset at Wakaba when she books a shoot for a day when she promised to take her to see a factory.

Just then, their match is interrupted by the appearance of a serpent-like Alone Dragon. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl fires a glowing arrow into the Alone, bringing it back to life and changing it into a more powerful form.

Because of this, the world has entered a new era of peace. Kenjirou explains that this system is for Akane and Aoi to fight against the Alone. Aniplus Asia Animax Asia. Retrieved November 30, After knocking out the Alone’s core and temporarily stopping its movement, Akane and Aoi opetation the Docking Operation, kperation it fails due to Aoi subconsciously rejecting the fusion in fear of having Akane read her memory. Himawari decides to attend the photo shoot on the condition that Wakaba be her servant for the day.


Akane to Mayo-tto Operation! Despite the human military forces hitting them with all they’ve got, they prove to be no match to the Alone’s immense power. Retrieved December 31, Accompanied by gorgeous, high quality art and interviews with over 20 of the world’s best game creators, this book is a collector’s piece for fans of all kinds vividrred games! After the battle, the mysterious being Kenjirou saw seven years ago appears, revealing Rei’s world has been restored.

We’re on YouTube, too! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vividred Operation has a different tone to most anime that feature robot things fighting big monsters.

Akane soon makes a quick recovery from her injuries, much to the relief of Aoi and her friends. When Aoi starts to fall towards the sea, Akane overcomes her fear and dives after her. Before she can fire anymore however, she is located by security droids and is forced to retreat, allowing Akane and Wakaba destroy the Alone.

Views Read Edit View history. Following the battle, Himawari decides to start attending classes before asking Kenjirou for his autograph. Rather, it’s a return to order that opegation story craves. Rei decides to gamble on acting after the arrival of the next Alone. Retrieved September 14, Maji Love Revolutions Gate — Working!!! Zero — Persona 4: