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Jeffers teaches that productivity equals happiness, and the business logo a middle finger is the standard greeting in society. Tags Review paramount pictures Comedy Warner Bros. Visioneers recalls all and sometimes borrows from some of these films at one point or another, but never swerves from its tired, plodding pacing, as if any kind of momentum or spark would constitute betraying its own lofty but deathly boring and pretentious ideals. But, overall, this one fails as a comedy. There’s a lot of indecision attached to this film for most critics and I understand why. So strange that you review this film NOW, seeing as it came out last year and I just watched it for the first time yesterday. The dialogue is weak, the characters aren’t interesting.

The main message of the film is the death of dreams and emotions that we suffer in order to enter this kind of society and how the human psyche is tormented to the point of numbing itself and thinking that things such as money, success in the workplace and attractiveness are the symbol of happiness. Sign in to vote. He’s a direct descendant of George Washington; he lives in a big house, and has a beautiful wife and a non-existent child who never comes out of his room. After being screened extensively at various festivals, Visioneers secured a release. This well crafted story follow George Washington Winsterhammerman played pefectly by Zach Galifianakis as he deals with the recent outbreak of exploding people, his wife trying to find happiness through a book, and a budding romance with a coworker. This movie reminded me quite a bit of “Brazil” and I can easily see this movie becoming a classic much like “Brazil” has become. There are a lot of conceptually interesting and interwoven themes throughout, but if it’s trying to reach for an emotion it didn’t stir any. Visioneers wraps itself up with the trite, closed ending of a Hollywood romcom.

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Visioneers is boring, pretentious twaddle created by two guys who can barely tell the difference between a metaphor and a 2×4. Some of the situations fall flat, the dialogue is a bit crude, and the film runs too long at 95 minutes cut the crusts off this material and it may have made for the perfect short.

Throw in a conviction that people flipping the bird is way funnier than it is and the casting of Zach Gallifianakis as an impassive and mostly mute stoic and there’s all the evidence here to indicate the Brothers Drake should pursue careers in non-cinema related fields. Judy Greer as Michelle. Mack Luster Anthony L. Lucas Martins Super Reviewer. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Do they explode because they express them in an emotionless world?

Moviw film is a wonderful take on much of the same sort of subject matter, satirizing the state of our society and culture. I’ve read many posts that praise “Visioneers” for it’s originality.

I think the word that better describes the world in this film is entropic. This movie had me laughing the whole time!! Done in a intelligent way, it has potential to be somewhat interesting, but nothing more.

The only redeeming values of this movie are its leading ladies, entertaining Judy Greer as the wife, and ethereal Mia Maestro as the co-worker and love interest.

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We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Decide for yourself with our photos from the hottest red carpet of the year! Things such as having dreams and being different are mkvie, since scientists don’t know what exactly leads to spontaneous explosions but they suspect that these are underlying causes.


Jeffers teaches that productivity equals happiness, and the business logo a middle finger is the standard greeting in society. In essence, they are doing nothing to fix the situation, but they merely try to make it tolerable to themselves by pretending to be children again.

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James Le Gros as Julieen. Visinoeers reminded me of a plethora of American movies – Hudsucker, Brazil, – all mixed into one in a somewhat subdued, indie approach.

As this film is Galifianakis’ first main role in a film he provides an amazing performance, and each one liner he utters will cause you to burst out laughing. No it is not exciting, nor a movie that sparks your interest. It’s a high-concept comedy, but it’s down-to-earth and accessible, even a little touching. I beloved up to you will visiojeers carried out proper here.

This page was last edited on 11 Januaryat I highly movir this film to everyone, but I think there’s only a certain group of people that are going to appreciate it. Right, Visioneers would be bunched in with those two. It was a well done film that utilized the unsaid better than most films i’ve seen.

I love him as a stand up comedian and goofy comedy actor, but was admittedly skeptical about his role in this. It calls for living life, but no one engages, not even Galifianakis, and he’s the title character. Move the fuck am I supposed to do with that? Angela Adto Dale Bowers You can even read the scenario your own way, somehow.