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Use the HTML below. Edit Details Official Sites: Felipe Santos – Olvidarte Feat. Directed by Emmanuel H. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Actors, for all their faults, are not part of the existing aristocracy.

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Ike Lozada stole the film though. And nowhere yet has it proved to be a good idea I would say it is an inevitable step that every proto-democracy that hasn’t evolved a process to generate real leaders has to go through. Out to pasture – Covering Thai cinema and living in Thailand for the past decade or so has been an illuminating experience, one that I’m not sure whether I’ll regret. Unless, of course, you’re some kind of soulless, towering juggernaut The early narrative focuses on the home life of Narda, the romantic advances of a local young man and the bothersome antics of Ding. This site contains copyrighted materials the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. In this movie, she was joined by Ding who now has his own superpowers.

Even if not directly relatable to that contemporary situation, the conflict undoubtedly played well with a country occupied in the past by everyone from the Spanish to the English to the imperial Japanese.

The giants are brought to life through simple photographic effects and, more frequently, the use of massive forced-perspective setups requiring hundreds of extras to run about in the background fulo the giants stand among tge miniatures in the foreground. For many years now I have been interested in the story of Mata Giwnts — and even beyond that Isang uri ng pagganap na tunay na nagluklok kay Darna bilang malaking bahagi ng kulturang Pilipino.

It was also the first Darna movie where Darna and Narda was played by the same actress.

Even if not directly relatable to that contemporary situation, the conflict undoubtedly played well with a country occupied in the past by everyone from the Spanish to the English to sarna imperial Japanese. We are making an exerted effort to mention the source of the material, along with the name of the author, performer, maker, or broadcaster for the dealing to be fair, again in accordance with the allowable clauses.


I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I’m not sure if I ever saw that one. The plentiful special effects moments were devised by effects man Jessie Sto. Masasabing, sa pagganap ng aktres bilang Darna tuluyang bumulusok ang kanyang kasikatan. Giamts check it out, it Directed by Emmanuel H. And lots of pennies as the film became the top grosser of the Christmas festival.

It ivlma work out too well for her, but, hey, at least she’s not going farna Hell! Embed the video Darna and the Giants feat Vilma Santos. Vilma starred in three more Darna films: Lastly, I don’t know if you’ve seen this but I just wanted to share it, here’s a link: Masasabing tanging si Vilma Santos lamang ang nag-iisang aktres na gumanap bilang Darna sa apat na pagkakataon.

Wouldn’t it be great if more films would show their religious colours by the way of church bell clobberings, instead of through Mel Gibson learning family values thanks to alien giamts

Darna and the Giants feat Vilma Santos

Can they rely on the c Chances are the country was second only to Turkey when it came to cinematic Super-heroes – Darna herself has starred in 14 films and two TV series, which certainly puts Wonder Woman to shame And no matter how silly that may sound, be forewarned that Darna and the Ssntos, unlike so many cinematic superhero larks of its day, is no tongue-in-cheek affair.

India for instance had a great set of self-evolved leaders above all Gandhi in the independence struggle.

Vilma starred in three more Darna films: Turkey, from Intellect Ltd. Tunay na akmang-akma dito ang pisikal na kaanyuan ni Darna.

Yeah, I’ve heard that about Lipad, Darna, Lipad! But the problem was, Vilma was hesitant to wear the two-piece costume. Was this review helpful to you?

Watch and find out!! I’ve got five posts simmering on the stove right now and each is insisting on takin I imagine this was quite a succesful domestic release in its time, the star power of the beautiful Vilma Santos being more the enough to guarantee healthy ticket sales.

The aliens’ presence in Narda’s village is first made known by way of what appears to be a devastating earthquake. Take Video48, a mind-shattering trip into the uncharted realms of Filipino cinema, featuring a menagerie of stills, posters and articles from films I never even dared to dream existed! Oh, when things were simple Darna and the Giants actually shows us the aftermath of a giant attack before introducing the giants themselves, with Darna and Ding visiting an impromtu outdoors hospital for the many victims.


While undeniably funny, I’m sure that this business was even more so to the movie’s Filipino audience, to whom both Darna, Vilma Santos and even Darna and the Giants would be cozily familiar cultural touchstones. Darna is Not a ‘Rip-off” of Wonder Woman – ” The aliens, however, have underestimated the lack of squeamishness that comes from living with a sibling in close quarters, and Ding is able to pry the tape off of Narda’s mouth with the use of his extremely grubby-looking bare feet, after which he flicks the magic stone into his sister’s mouth, effectively calling Darna Time.

It was unclear why the fat giant, Ike, were allergic to the sound of the church bell. I think I might have but I have very vague memories of it.


In this movie, she was joined by Ding who now has his own superpowers. Isang pelikulang may tatlong kasaysayan kung saan nakaharap nito ang palagiang kalabang sina Valentina, Ang Babaeng Lawin at ang Impakta. Vilma was finally convinced by producers Douglas Quijano and William Leary to lose the body stocking and wear just the costume on the day of the press conference.

Use the HTML below. Indeed, much low-rent-gore-infused carnage and melodramatic tearing of hair comes in the wake of the giants’ rampage. Darna and the Giants and Darna vs. This slideshow requires JavaScript. There were comic-inspired franchises that never travelled beyond their own borders, such as the Darna series from the Philippines in the s – she was an intergalactic warrior disguised as an earthling – and which helped actress Vilma Santos turn the fame she achieved into a political career that still sees her serving as governor of Batangas province