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This method acting exercise is becoming tedious. Does he have a girlfriend? Add the first question. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Ah, kids, it’s getting late. This is officer p’desko! I’m Kevin cornbloom, motivational speaker! Now, Cat, who will Robbie be playing?

Who is that handsome young man over there? Robbie will choose for Beck. My goodness that tray was hot. Take care of yourself, mate, you seem like an effervescent bloke. You’re gonna be a guy who’s just finished running a marathon Okay. Now, Cat, who will Robbie be playing? I’d rather slam my tongue in a car door.

But what if I’m not fine? I have prepared some piping hot quesadillas from a recipe I got from crispin glover, back when we well Hello. Because as a police officer, I need to know that information.

You’re gonna be a guy who’s just finished running a marathon Okay. May I help I don’t know you! Because if you just believe in yourself, there’s nothin’ that you can’t do!

Why, yes, that is my belly button.


Victorious s01e19 Episode Script | SS

Beck Oliver Daniella Monet Now, Cat, who will Robbie be playing? I mean, where’s the wacky seqson that raises nugget chickens? Does she ever quit cryin’?

Ah, no, thank you, but please come in. Tori and Andre, take your seats. Robbie Shapiro Elizabeth Gillies Oh, I’m sorry, kids. It’s not a comedy.

Victorious Season 1 | Episode 19 Sleepover at Sikowitz’s – video dailymotion

Uh, I’m sorry, this isn’t Andre. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

I’m trying to teach you kids about method acting, and that means whatever character you’re playing, you must stay in that character, the entire time, no matter what happens. And I am victorious! Andre will choose for Tori.

Victorious 1×19 Sleepover At Sikowitz’s

Is that Debra winger? Season 1 Episode Sometimes I forget you’re all just children, you know, amateurs.

Well, I believe the fly in question went this way and then that way, and then over there, and then round-about, and every way except for that way and over yonder. Ah, kids, it’s getting late.


Victorious Season 1 | Episode 19 Sleepover at Sikowitz’s

Have you ever considered filling it with raisin bran? Sleepover at Sikowitz’s 26 Mar Trina Vega credit only Eric Lange So I’m a motivational speaker with jelly legs. Come here, you winged nuisance. Maybe you should play a woman who loves to make out with two-foot tall guys who happen to be me.

So what’s the plan? You scared the Fudge outta me. I spy a fly with my little thigh. I beg you to go home.

And to think I was gonna let that boy eat my raisin bran. At least you’re not pregnant and exhausted from runnin’ a marathon.

What if I die on that operating table?